April 09, 2010 08:00 ET

XnE, Inc. Announces Exclusive Marketing Agreement With ArmsLength Promotions

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA--(Marketwire - April 9, 2010) -  XnE, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: XNEZ) agrees to exclusively sell and distribute THE STAND-IN™ for ArmsLength Promotions.

ArmsLength Promotions Inc. (ALP), the creators of THE STAND-IN™, an innovative patented media card that transforms the cup holder into an advertising space located within easy reach of patrons inviting them to interact directly with promotional programs, today announced that it had signed an exclusive marketing agreement with XnE, Inc. (XnE), a full-service marketing agency specializing in live sports and sports-related medias. The announcement was made today by Matt Faulkner, President of ALP.

"We are happy to announce our exclusive partnership with XnE targeting minor league sporting events and sporting venues," said Matt Faulkner. "They have demonstrated real vision on how to release the full potential of THE STAND-IN™ to advertisers. This includes not only understanding how to integrate it as an important part of a complete advertising package but, critically, to develop it into a valuable 'line-of-sight' advertising media. We are looking forward to our exciting new partnership.

"XnE brings the specific experience that we are looking for to introduce THE STAND-IN™ to sports advertising," continues Matt Faulkner. "Their background, knowledge and reach with sports advertisers and arena operators is a real asset. They extensively understand how this market functions and what both advertisers and their agencies need to know in order to get a deal done. Our partnership with XnE is a natural extension to our own plans to introduce our powerful media to the market."

Under the agreement, XnE, with access to all the minor league sporting venues and events in North America and Hawaii agrees to distribute, sell and integrate THE STAND-IN™ for placement with advertisers and advertising programs within sporting venues and at sporting events across the US.

"We are excited about our exclusive relationship with ArmsLength Promotions. THE STAND-IN™ is a great add-on or stand alone advertising vehicle for advertisers and arena owners alike," says Michael Cummings, CEO of XnE Inc. "Advertisers can deliver a branded message, integrated mobile marketing programs, coupons and much more with a powerful call to action. THE STAND-IN™ creatively expands our product offering with an innovative and memorable value proposition." XnE is currently working with advertiser and arena owner requirements to assign 2010 & 2011 marketing campaign budgets.

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About ArmsLength Promotions Inc.

With the growing industry-wide trend towards more targeted and measurable advertising and marketing media, ArmsLength Promotions introduces THE STAND-IN™ to advertisers to provide a targeted, interactive and integrated turnkey solution. You can learn more about ArmsLength Promotions by visiting the company's website at or by calling its offices at 818 468 3420.

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