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August 24, 2010 10:00 ET

Xplana Is the Latest Resource to Bolster Grades

COLUMBIA, MO--(Marketwire - August 24, 2010) -  It's no secret that college students enjoy social networking. In fact, a June report from Nielsen Media Research indicates consumers spend 22 percent of the time they're online each month messaging, commenting, blogging, sharing and "liking" -- all activities associated with social media.

At the same time, however, students also need to study, which is why MBS Service Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Xplana -- the social network for learning. This new student learning platform connects formal learning elements such as print textbooks, eBooks, and course notes to informal, educationally relevant learning components like YouTube videos and free Web articles, and delivers them to one convenient space. Facilitating group studying and ''social learning'' has never been easier than it is now with Xplana.

"The most exciting thing about Xplana is that all the resources for classes are available for use any time," Will Schauwecker, a student at Moberly Area Community College, said. "I find it beneficial to have your notes, connected to a video, connected to other resources and then having the ability to share all of it."

Xplana is the only platform that focuses on the individual student and what he or she needs to support personal study activities and preferences. Xplana was built to address student work outside of the classroom, outside the Learning Management System (LMS), and outside the traditional print or digital book.

"Xplana is a great platform for students to collaborate on study materials. It will allow students to save time and turn the focus away from preparation and towards studying," Ali Rife, graduating senior at the University of Missouri, said. "It's a way to connect and share the work load -- when studying for a test one could propose to make a study guide for chapters 1-10 and someone else 10-20."

The Xplana staff continuously aggregates and indexes free resources for students by tagging content with course subject areas, subsequently placing these Web resources within a meaningful learning context in one convenient location.

"It's tied to individual courses, tagged to the school, and categorized however I want," Schauwecker said. "It's easier to get information out."

Xplana currently contains more than 200,000 resources and will offer 1 million by year's end, making it the largest provider of free educational resources in the world. It's cloud-based, so students can access it anywhere with an Internet connection.

Not only does Xplana provide a rich library of meaningful resources for students, it also provides students the tools to collect and edit that content, as well as add their own content to the platform. This includes notes, study guides, documents, media, Web pages, and flash cards. Xplana also provides students access to their purchased e-textbooks and enables them to synchronize their notes and annotations.

"This platform will be a huge turning point in how students view learning. I believe learning should be done as a group -- students feeding off one another -- allowing the material to be 'less book' and more conversation," Rife said. "The extensive resources it offers and the ease at which it will flow into everyone's life will make it something that every student will love. It is very user-friendly, and having all your study materials at your fingertips is something no one can pass up."

Coming soon, Xplana will offer a mobile application for the iPhone and Android devices. With the mobile application, students can access their materials, take notes, and make annotations anywhere, anytime. Any updates they make will automatically sync up with the online version the next time they log in.

"Xplana will transform the way students manage their academic lives by simplifying the learning process," Dennis Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer of Xplana, said. "Students will learn more effectively and efficiently when all of their educational assets and resources are easily accessed, created, and shared."

Those interested in registering for a free Xplana account may do so by visiting and selecting the "sign up" tab in the upper-right hand corner of the home page.

About Xplana
Xplana is an online social learning platform that connects learners to content and communities. The platform is free to students and features an open, modular architecture that provides an organized learning context for useful learning content and tools scattered about the Web. It simplifies the learning process by connecting students' informal learning outside of the classroom with the formal platforms and structures of schools and institutions. Additionally, Xplana serves as an access and distribution point for premium content from educational publishers and other premium content providers, targeted to the specific academic subject need of the student.

For more information about Xplana, visit or contact Rob Reynolds at or 573-239-9025. You can access a digital press kit at

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