SOURCE: Xterprise Incorporated

May 29, 2007 23:45 ET

Xterprise Launches Turnkey RFID-Enabled Asset Management Offering for Reusable Transport Item Market

Proven Solution for Reducing Loss and Increasing Utilization of Totes, Pallets, Bins, Bulk Containers, Roll Cages and Similar Reusable Transport Items (RTIs)

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - May 29, 2007) - Xterprise Incorporated, a leading global provider of RFID-enabled high-definition supply chain execution software applications, announced today the introduction of a comprehensive RFID-enabled asset management solution for managing and preventing loss of Reusable Transport Items (RTIs). The solution includes everything from consulting services to software to tagging of existing fleets and has at its core Xterprise's Asset Manager, XAM-RTI™ application developed for the global RTI market.

RTIs are used in a number of industries including retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, food processing and high technology. Most are used for transporting raw materials or finished goods with both internal and external supply chain partners.

"Although there are more than one billion RTIs in circulation in global supply chains today, systems and item level tracking technologies are not being used to optimize the management of these assets, resulting in creating inefficiencies and direct dollar losses," said Dean Frew, president and CEO of Xterprise. "Users are so isolated from the level of impact that management inefficiencies have on the organization that this underground segment of the supply chain is largely going unmanaged. RTIs are an 'underground segment' of the supply chain and the inefficiencies as well as cost from losses are isolated from users and the cost is not readily visible on a balance sheet -- however, it is there."

Frew adds that well over 50 million RTIs are lost, damaged or otherwise removed from service each year at an estimated loss of nearly $1 billion, which illustrates the magnitude of the issue. The problem is compounded because not only is there a loss of existing RTIs, but the loss creates the need to purchase more RTIs to replenish the fleet back to its original, mistakenly bloated levels. Regardless of the size of the RTI fleet, Xterprise has found that inefficiencies are prevalent and creating significant and measurable losses."

The Xterprise XAM-RTI™ application and solutions suite is field-proven and part of the largest RFID enabled RTI rollout in the history of supply chain management for plastic pallet pooler iGPS (Case Study The XAM-RTI™ solution is saving RTI users millions of dollars by providing high-definition supply chain execution management options to optimize their fleets of RTIs and reduce their annual RTI replenishment costs dramatically. An additional benefit is the RFID enabled RTI can now be used in the supply chain to help track and manage the movement of the products they carry and help add quality to general supply chain transactions.

During our RTI market viability validation we found a number of factors driving the need for RTI management including:

--  There is no effective way of proving accountability of ownership of
    RTIs in a company using manual systems, it is to expensive and unreliable
--  RTI purchases were made assuming optimistic utilization and loss or
    "leakage" rates
--  Excel spread sheets were the most common "system" in place and where
    an ERP asset management module was being used it did not have item level
    detail so its accuracy was almost worthless
--  The actual annualized dollar cost of lost RTIs hits the bottom line
    but currently has no individual expense visibility
Who should be interested in the XAM-RTI™? Anyone that has an existing fleet of RTIs or is considering purchasing a fleet of RTIs. Xterprise provides the entire turn-key solution with results that are measured in positive ROI. The XAM-RTI™ solution suite includes:
--  Business case consulting to determine current annual RTI loss
    prevention cost savings opportunities
--  RFID technology selection and installation
--  XAM-RTI™ application configuration, enterprise system integration
    and rollout
--  Post-implementation customer support
--  RTI tagging solution (for clients with existing fleets or for new
--  RTI selection, design and sourcing (for clients needing the RTI as
"An RFID-enabled high-visibility RTI solution has a number of elements which must be orchestrated to optimize management and ROI, and it's why a highly experienced solution provider like Xterprise is best equipped to develop and deploy it," Frew said. "Our solutions are managing over one million RTI transactions a month on the way toward over five million by early 2008."

Questions that might be useful to address an existing or new fleet of RTIs include: When and where are RTI losses occurring? Which trading partner or internal department needs to be accountable? Which tag is right and where should they go? How should the data be managed and presented and who sees it? What enterprise systems need to communicate with XAM-RTI™ and which ones need to be updated?

Millions of dollars are spent each year for the purchase of RTI fleets, yet few companies invest in managing them. XAM-RTI™ will enable easy management of an RTI fleet, reduce associated financial loss and deliver savings to the bottom line.


Xterprise Incorporated was founded in 2002 as a provider of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) applications. Today, the company delivers high-definition RFID-enabled supply chain software and solutions to top global Fortune 500 companies that include L'Oréal, Dial, ExxonMobil, TNT Express, Dairy Fresh, Toyota, iGPS, Dell and others. Xterprise solutions combine Microsoft BizTalk Server RFID, enterprise supply chain systems integration and RFID technology to deliver a new level of "high-definition" supply chain visibility, velocity and value. Xterprise has pioneered RFID Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and RFID data analytics throughout its deployments in North America, Asia and Europe. Its solutions suite includes XAM™, XAM-RTI™, XARM™, TraX™ and AnalytiX™. Xterprise has grown rapidly since its founding and with a proven business model continues to deliver exceptional returns for its shareholders. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, call 972-690-9460, email or visit

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