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April 24, 2008 15:01 ET

YieldBuild Discusses "Four Pillars" of Successful Text Ad Optimization at Web 2.0 Expo

CEO Paul Edmondson Provides Tips for Overcoming "Ad Blindness" for Revenue Maximization

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - April 24, 2008) - YieldBuild™, the leader in ad format and placement optimization, today unveiled the "Four Pillars of Successful Text Ad Optimization" in a session at the annual Web 2.0 Expo delivered by president and CEO Paul Edmondson.

The Four Pillars are important guidelines for any web publisher interested in maximizing text ad revenue. Sometimes counter-intuitive, the Four Pillars are based on actual data collected from serving over 2 billion ads throughout the past six month YieldBuild private beta test period.

"Fighting ad blindness is a real issue for online publishers. Frequent visitors to a site tend to block out ads subconsciously. It's critical to constantly tweak ad format to maximize exposure," said Paul Edmondson, president and CEO of YieldBuild. "Online real estate is a precious, but limited commodity, so it's important for every single text ad to deliver as much revenue potential as possible. YieldBuild automatically and substantially improves revenue by optimizing the mix of ad sizes, formatting, placement, and ad networks."

The Four Pillars of Successful Text Ad Optimization

Pillar One: Ad Size

Size matters for a couple of core reasons: ad units can vary widely in their performance on a page, and larger doesn't necessarily outperform smaller. Also, ad networks vary in their ability to sell different ad sizes, so certain sizes might be much more popular and earn more money due to greater advertiser competition.

Pillar Two: Ad Format Attributes

Ad performance can often be lifted 3-12% just by tuning corners, borders, background colors and font colors. You have to test and retest your site to find out -- an optimal combination for one zone on a page may not be optimal elsewhere.

Pillar Three: Ad Placement

When considering ad locations, three key strategies to think about are:

1) From the beginning, design your templates to accommodate the most
   popular ad sizes.
2) It is important to have every ad count. Additional ads sometimes
   reduce overall page revenue, so test before committing to additional
   ads on the page.
3) Don't underestimate below-the-fold ads. Ad units placed at the bottom
   of a page's content are among the most underutilized
   high-performing ad units.

Pillar Four: Maximizing the Network

There are hundreds of ad networks to choose from, and understanding the best fit for your site is critical. For instance, certain networks have better advertiser coverage in certain verticals, even if they generally underperform when compared to the larger networks. Sites with little contextual information are often better served with traditional display ad networks. Understand how each ad network pays. While Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft can pay like clockwork, many of the smaller ad networks are less consistent as they are cash flow-sensitive. Make sure you're comfortable with payment terms before starting with a new network.

Edmondson will explore the Four Pillars in greater depth during the Web 2.0 Expo presentation, including supporting data from tests to illustrate the effect of format optimization on revenue performance. Additionally, in-depth discussion of test data is posted on the YieldBuild blog (, updated weekly.

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