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Yoggie Security Systems Ltd.

January 18, 2007 08:30 ET

Yoggie Security Systems Announces General Availability of the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro

New USB device revolutionizes laptop security with 13 layers of in-depth enterprise-level protection for computers operating outside the secure corporate environment

BETH HALEVY, ISRAEL--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 18, 2007) - Yoggie Security Systems™ today announced that the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™, a revolutionary credit-card sized security appliance that brings all corporate-class security applications within the reach of mobile and remote workers, is now available for purchase from world wide distributors and via Yoggie Security System's eStore https://www.yoggie.com/GetYoggieNow.asp.

The successful outcome of beta trials performed during the last couple of months by several leading enterprise-sized companies, has proved the product's stability and functional readiness. Companies participating in these trials have welcomed the release of Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ to general availability. Encouraged by the successful evaluation trials, these early adopters already have Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ units installed and ready for deployment to end-users.

David Lacey, visionary and founder of The Jericho Forum, UK, said of the appliance: "The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ is to Internet Security what the Blackberry has been to Mobile Email access, a few years back".

"The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ is an extremely versatile and robust security device, and an ideal solution for protecting computerized stations in complex production floor environments," stated Rich Clark, Information Security (Infosec) Analyst.

The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ is essentially a miniature and robust computer that uses a fully hardened and secure embedded OS with the sole purpose of protecting all operating systems. Connectable via USB, this laptop security solution offers 13 layers of protection and eliminates the need for multiple security applications on an OS that may conflict with each other and reduce computer performance. The technology presents an alternative to the recently introduced OS virtualization implemented by software, as the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ appliance physically separates security applications from the platform by placing them on dedicated hardware.

Shlomo Touboul, Founder and CEO of Yoggie Security Systems said, "We are proud to release the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ onto the market. During the beta period we experienced overwhelming demand from prospects around the world seeking robust security solutions for their mobile workforces. We had 60 beta sites testing the product from airports and hotel rooms to coffee shops and home environments. During this period the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ stopped: 125,077 security threats; 16,827 attempts to break its firewall rules; 100,898 intrusion attempts; and thousands of Viruses and Spyware attacks including hundreds of new attacks not listed in current Anti-Virus signatures. These attacks were rejected by the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ before they reached the Windows operating system, so providing the highest possible security."

Hardware/software approach offers a competitive pricing model compared with popular software-only security suites

The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ sets a new benchmark in the industry in terms of security applications on one appliance and cost per user as compared to software-only security suites, while offering a significantly more robust and comprehensive solution. In addition, the appliance offers scalability via the Yoggie Management Server and extends corporate level security to additional markets including SMBs, SOHO and personal users. Yoggie Security Systems™ is the only company to provide such a comprehensive security suite in one appliance with 13 layers of integrated software, physical separation of the laptop from the network, embedded hardened operating system that cannot be penetrated through its 2 Flash memory system and patented data mining based security agents.

Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro's 13 layers of security:

- Adaptive Security Policy™

- Multi-Layer Security Agent™ (Patent pending)

- Layer-8 Security Engine ™ (Patent pending)

- URL Categorization & Filtering

- Anti-Spam

- Anti-Phishing

- Antispyware

- Antivirus

- Transparent Email Proxies (POP3; SMTP)

- Transparent Web Proxies (HTTP; FTP)

- Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System

- VPN Client

- Stateful Inspection Firewall

Pricing and availability

Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ is available via the Company's E-Store, and will be carried by Yoggie's network of distribution partners.

The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™, with its 520 MHz CPU and 128MB memory, is priced at $220, which includes a one year subscription for all the licensed software integrated in the USB security appliance. Annual renewal for the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™ model is $40 a year, which makes the entire offering favorably comparable with software-only security suites on the market, which offer far less protection that the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™.

Businesses and consumers will also be able to purchase the Yoggie Gatekeeper Basic™ at $180 and $30 for licenses from year two. The Yoggie Gatekeeper Basic™ offers the same revolutionary technology but with a 416 MHz CPU, 64MB memory and without email security or web filtering.

About Yoggie Security Systems™

Yoggie Security Systems™, established in 2005 by Shlomo Touboul, former founder and CEO of Finjan Software, and the inventor of Behavior Based Blocking Technology, has developed a unique hardware/software security appliance, the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pro™. The robust, credit-card size Yoggie Gatekeeper™ combines best-of-breed security applications with proprietary technologies, to protect traveling laptop users from large enterprises, SMBs, and SOHO, as well as individual consumers, against a variety of malicious code attacks by simply plugging it into a laptop, home computer or home network. Yoggie™ is headquartered in Israel and has several patents pending. For more information, please visit www.yoggie.com

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