Community Legal Education Ontario

Community Legal Education Ontario

February 23, 2010 17:27 ET

Your Rights in Your Language

New Multilingual Legal Information Makes New Canadians Aware of the Rights They Have in Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 23, 2010) -

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Community Legal Education Ontario launches new information on February 24 at an event 9:30 to noon at the Lillian H. Smith Library, in the heart of Toronto's old Chinatown.

To a new Canadian, the knock at the door from the landlord or a Children's Aid worker can be frightening. The unsafe job site the only source of income. The child in trouble with the law, a shameful secret. The sponsorship process to be reunited with family members, impossible to understand. The claims of refugee consultants, baffling. The illegal rent increase, the price for staying housed. Says Executive Director Julie Mathews, "sometimes people are not aware of the rights they have in Canada". "But", she emphasizes, "with accurate information, they have the starter kit they need to move ahead".

CLEO has now provided that help in Arabic, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, English and French, with titles such as, Children's Aid: Information for parents; Criminal charges in Canada and your immigration status; Do you want to sponsor your family to join you in Canada? and several more. The information is available in both text and audio, along with specialized multilingual telephone support 24/7 through Findhelp, with specially trained referral specialists familiar with the CLEO legal materials 1-866-667-5366.

This service is toll-free and available across Ontario.

"We hope this is just the beginning of developing multilingual resources critical to all new Canadians settling in Ontario," stated Mathews.

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