June 11, 2007 07:00 ET

Zafu Launches New Plus Size Jeans Fit Finder to Help More Women Find Their Perfect Jeans

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2007) - The plus market is one of the fastest growing areas in apparel. Over a quarter of all women in the U.S. are now in plus sizes, and they have a difficult time finding jeans that will fit them perfectly. After countless hours of testing with hundreds of plus size women, Zafu announces today the addition of a plus size jeans fit finder which extends Zafu's fit range from up to size 18, to up to size 28.

In 2006, Zafu launched a jeans fit finder that continues to change the way women buy jeans. Over a million women have already used Zafu to find their perfect jeans. Zafu is now helping the plus size woman.

Regardless of whether a woman is a size 2 or a size 28 -- finding the perfect pair of jeans continues to be a challenge for 90%* of women. Most women dread that trip to the changing room, time-starved, arms loaded with jeans, and the reality looming that none may fit well.

"From the moment Zafu launched, we heard from women asking us to offer plus size service to them," said Blair Newel, Zafu's Fit Expert. "We are excited to announce the addition of women's jeans plus sizes and offer the same unique level of service that women have come to know and love."

Zafu's success is based on research that enables it to combine remarkable accuracy with an easy experience for women. Less than a year since its launch, Zafu is changing the way women's jeans are purchased as more than one million visitors have used the service to find the perfect fit for their bodies -- all within three minutes and without taking a single measurement. With a 94% accuracy rate, Zafu matches jeans to women from an ever-growing assortment of hundreds of styles from over 100 of the top denim and apparel brands. Named to Time magazine's 'Top Ten Web Sites of 2006,' Zafu has also received accolades from InStyle, The New York Times, WWD and hundreds of fashion blogs, solidifying its presence as the unmatched expert in fit.

Here's how Zafu works:

--  Women visit, a free service, and spend two to three minutes
    answering 11 questions about their fit issues with jeans, body shape, style
    preferences and size. No measurements are required.
--  The information is passed through Zafu's proprietary algorithms and a
    personal profile is created.
--  Zafu then searches its denim database consisting of hundreds of styles
    of jeans from over 100 brands, and makes recommendations on which pairs
    best suit their individual fit, style and size needs.
--  Zafu offers sizes from 0 to 28W. (sizes 14W to 28W added in June
--  Women click on their desired pair of jeans where they can read a
    personal review of how it will fit, a detailed description of the jean, and
    see multiple images of the jean. They are then directed to an online
    retailer for purchase, or they may print out a copy of Zafu's
    recommendations to take to a store.
--  Zafu enables women to save their profile, making the process even
    easier the next time they return.
--  94% of these searches result in finding great fitting jeans.
--  Zafu is not a retailer and is completely objective.
"Zafu has been a major success with women who are seeking help to find the perfect pair of jeans," said Founder and CEO, Robert Holloway. "Our entry into the plus size market is another significant step for our brand as we continue to serve as the definitive online resource for denim."


Zafu was founded in 2005 and is located in a converted bakery in Emeryville, California, just across the Bay from San Francisco. The site launched on August 2, 2006. Learn more about how to find the perfect fit for women's top brand designer jeans at

The Zafu team has deep experience in retail, statistical analysis, fashion, pattern making, software development and retail marketing and has drawn on years of comprehensive fit research and algorithm development. Zafu has combined this knowledge with additional work measuring, assessing and photographing thousands of women trying on hundreds of pairs of jeans. In doing so, Zafu has identified key body shapes for women and created algorithms that enable them to ask a woman a few simple questions and use her answers to search their database of hundreds of jeans to recommend those that will best fit her. At, there is real science behind the art of finding that perfect jean.

* Zafu focus group research

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