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April 21, 2010 14:21 ET

Zenith Infotech Gives Clare Computer Solutions a Competitive Edge

WARRENDALE, PA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2010) -  Like many small business executives navigating their way through tough economic conditions, Clare Computer Solutions Vice President of Marketing Bruce Campbell finds strength in numbers. By developing deep, strategic partnerships, Campbell has successfully grown his IT services business despite intensified competition and client budget cuts this year.

"Zenith was instrumental in the development and growth of our managed services practice, and we like to think our early involvement with them and active advocacy of the company, contributed to their growth as well."

With 28 full-time employees, Clare Computer Solutions delivers fixed-fee network support, disaster recovery solutions, technology consulting, hardware/software sales, and on-demand IT services to small and midsize businesses that have anywhere between 10 and 200 users.

"We've been using SaaZ (software and application support by Zenith) for five years now," notes Campbell, "and we began installing Zenith Infotech's BDR (backup and disaster recovery) unit as soon as it came available. Zenith is an energetic, aggressive company. Their products and services have been continuously updated and enhanced, and they introduce new products to add even more value to our business. We like this bold approach -- it contributes to our competitive edge."

In terms of Clare's managed services offerings, Zenith Infotech's Network Operations Center (NOC) in particular has made a tremendous positive impact, according to Campbell. Delivered from Zenith Infotech's 600-person center, the NOC service takes care of routine maintenance and monitoring functions such as watching and escalating alerts on a 24/7 basis, reviewing backups, installing patches and implementing service packs. Zenith's NOC services take place behind the scenes with all interaction occurring between Clare's engineers and Zenith's network operations staff. This unique delivery method allows IT managed services providers to focus valuable engineering time on high-end projects and onsite work.

"The presence of a NOC, whose sole purpose was to react to alerts, was a big selling point for us, and it really completed our managed services offering," Campbell says. "Plus, it was priced in a way that we could just pay for what we needed as we grew our practice." He adds that the NOC also complements Clare's staff "very well" and enables the company to be "an effective, around-the-clock service, at a price that makes sense to small businesses."

But the NOC and SaaZ aren't the only Zenith Infotech solutions that Clare is leveraging to grow its business. Campbell also lauds Zenith Infotech's business continuity solutions. "Their BDR device is a game-changer. Data backups and disaster recovery are always sources of stress for small businesses, and this device has made best-of-class disaster recovery capabilities affordable." With the Zenith Infotech business continuity solution, data is saved -- as frequently as every 15 minutes -- to a network-attached storage (NAS) device located on the premises. The solution also allows simultaneous duplication of the data at Zenith Infotech's secure, off-site, data co-location facilities. In the event of an IT network failure, data is easily restored from the onsite device -- usually in a matter of minutes.

As a case in point he recalls, "We had a client whose payroll server crashed on the company's payday. Thanks to the BDR unit, we were able to get that server up and running virtually on the BDR, and their employees' pay was not affected."

"It's been a classic win-win-win. Zenith and Clare have benefitted from the relationship, to be sure, but most importantly, our clients get top quality service, at a great price!" Campbell notes.

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