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September 12, 2005 12:45 ET

Zion School District's Central Junior High Sees Significant Increase in Student Reading Proficiency

ZION, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2005 -- Zion School District #6 has learned that the district's Central Junior High School showed a strong increase in reading scores on the spring 2005 Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). The percentage of students who met or exceeded state proficiency levels jumped from 39.6% to 51.1%.

"We are pleased by the growth in reading test scores this year at Central Junior High," says Zion superintendent Dr. Ron Wynn. "This growth follows a special effort over the past school year to implement a new reading program. The administration, teachers, and students deserve congratulations and appreciation for the effort they made. We anticipate this new program will result in sustained growth for many years to come."

In fall 2004, Central Junior High began using an instructional enhancement model called TargetTeach® to focus reading instruction. The model guides teachers on how to use their instructional resources to best teach Illinois state educational standards. In addition, it provides data about student performance throughout the year. This data helps teachers identify areas in which students need additional help.

The project at Central Junior High is funded in part by a federal Comprehensive School Reform (CSR) grant. Evans Newton Incorporated (ENI), the provider of the TargetTeach® model, is doing a similar project with the faculty and students at Zion's Shiloh Park Elementary, also using a CSR grant.

"ENI appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Central Junior High and Zion School District," says ENI CEO Jamie Piotti. "The reading results from this first year reflect the type of growth that is possible. With continued focus, the results will only get better in coming years, and Central will increasingly enjoy the ENI mission of 'giving every student and educator the equal opportunity to experience the joy of success.'"

About Zion School District #6

Zion Elementary School District #6 lies within the boundaries of the city and serves a diverse student population of three thousand students. The district is comprised of five K-6 buildings, one junior high school, and the Lakeview Administrative Office/Early Childhood Center. All buildings are Title I school-wide with 62% of the student body identified as low income. The racial/ethnic breakdown is 47% Black, 29% Hispanic, and 23% White/Non-Hispanic.

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Evans Newton Incorporated is the nation's leading developer of focused instructional strategies and teacher planning tools aligned to state standards for primary and secondary schools. ENI partners with school districts around the country to develop a research-based approach for implementing standards-based instruction and promoting teacher effectiveness. The majority of ENI employees are former educators possessing expertise in developing curriculum tools designed to promote student proficiency on state and standardized testing. Since 1973, ENI's mission has been to develop district-specific, customized curricula based on proven teaching methods, a basic tenet of the No Child Left Behind Act.

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