October 26, 2009 08:00 ET

ZirMed® and HSTpathways™ Reduce Bottlenecks at Pacific Surgery Center Despite 15% Volume Increase

Accounts Receivable Days Cut in Half, Billing and Scheduling Efficiency Increased

LOUISVILLE, KY and LAFAYETTE, CA--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - "We've been fortunate to recruit a number of new physicians to our facility this year," said Fran Gregory, Business Office Manager for Pacific Surgery Center in Poulsbo, Washington, near Seattle. "We've learned that surgeons like working at a place that runs like a well-oiled machine."

One of the first outpatient surgical centers in the country, Pacific Surgery Center has pursued excellence in both clinical and business operations since 1985. The center, owned by 12 physicians and utilized by two dozen other surgeons, continues its leadership role and builds upon its own success by upgrading its core practice management systems to solutions from HSTpathways™ and ZirMed.

"We really value vendors who do what they say they're going to do, and who take responsibility for their products' performance. HST and ZirMed have demonstrated they're willing to do what it takes to help keep our center running at peak efficiency," Gregory stated.

In October of 2008, Pacific Surgery Center switched from another product to HSTpathways™, HST's dedicated Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) clinical and financial management software. The center takes advantage of the entire HSTpathways™ core suite of applications, which includes Scheduling, Registration, Workflow Management, Claims, Accounts Receivable Control, Statement Processing, Collections, Materials Management, Clinical Logs, Case Costing, and Chart Management, among others.

At the same time, the clinic adopted ZirMed's Web-based revenue cycle management services to complement HSTpathways™. "We had looked at other clearinghouse service providers to pair with HST, but HST strongly recommended ZirMed to us. In fact it was almost 'take it or leave it', that's how much HST believes in ZirMed," recalled Jamie Hilman, Pacific Surgery Center Billing Department.

Today, Pacific Surgery Center uses ZirMed's professional and institutional claims management as well as its eligibility verification, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and print services. According to Gregory, one of ZirMed's best advantages is its reporting capabilities.

"Everyday I do an invoice review, looking for rejections and other red flags. Our billing clerks also place notes in the electronic file so I know where things stand with a particular claim," she states. "ZirMed tells us automatically what we need to correct in order to expedite payment."

Thanks to ZirMed and HST, Pacific Surgery Center's receivables performance has undergone a dramatic improvement. "Our A/R days run between 22 and 24 on average, where we used to be near 60 days with our previous system," noted Gregory. "What's more, all eligibility verifications are usually completed electronically within an hour -- rarely do we have to call a payer."

Hilman adds that specific features of HSTpathways™ have even made the center's purchasing more efficient. "HSTpathways™ gives us Case Costing, which lets us map every consumable item in our clinic to individual patient procedures. Now we can view profitability of our surgical inventories by CPT code. It's a great way to determine if we're spending more on supplies than we need to, or if anything is going to waste," she said.

HSTpathways™ continues to partner with other providers, such as SCOR™. This partnership offers other benefits such as the ability of physicians to schedule procedures from any PC, no matter where they are. The reduction in the amount of manual data input was also a welcome change. Best of all, the clinic has been able to handle its increased surgical load over the past year without adding billing or scheduling personnel.

"Despite the 15% increase in volume this past year, our billing personnel have been able to keep up without a problem," Gregory reports. "No bottlenecks anywhere. That's how much smoother things have gone with HST and ZirMed."

About ZirMed:

Founded in 1999, ZirMed is a nationally recognized leader in delivering revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers. ZirMed enables healthcare providers to leverage the power of technology to cure administrative burdens and increase cash flow. ZirMed solutions include eligibility verification, credit/debit card processing, check processing, claims management, coding compliancy and reimbursement management, electronic remittance advice, patient statements, patient e-commerce solutions, provider credentialing, and lock box services. ZirMed solutions are designed to complement provider workflow and to provide innovative, creative and flexible solutions for healthcare's most pressing administrative challenges. For more information about ZirMed, visit

About HST, LLC:

Founded in 2005 by Tom Hui, HST is the developer and marketer of HSTpathways™, the first enterprise-capable Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) clinical and financial management software platform. HST utilized the latest technical innovations with proven track records to develop HSTpathways™ and set new standards for security, reliability, scalability, and performance in the field of ASC applications. Visit

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