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December 08, 2009 09:30 ET

ZoomInfo Announces Free Tool for Job Hunters

Job Seekers Find Work Faster With Access to the Same Intelligence Used by 9 of the Top 10 Recruiting Firms

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - Helping put America back to work, ZoomInfo™, the world's most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies, today announced a new resource for job hunters. Available immediately, FreshContacts provides free access to job seekers looking to identify, research and connect with innovative companies and their hiring managers. Providing actionable intelligence on prospective employers, FreshContacts can drastically shorten the time it takes for many job seekers to find employment.

FreshContacts enables business professionals to swap their business contacts in exchange for two full months of unlimited free access to all 45M of ZoomInfo's contacts. This means that ZoomInfo's popular and proven recruiting tool, currently used by 9 of the 10 top recruiting firms in the country, is now available to job seekers willing to share their business contacts.

In this unprecedented offer of a one-to-millions contact trade, job hunters can benefit from unlimited access to ZoomInfo's database regardless of the number of contacts and/or information they contribute via FreshContacts.

FreshContacts empowers job seekers to:

--  Find and Research Potential Employers: Search for companies by
    geography, industry, size, and up to 20 other criteria.
--  Prepare for Interviews: Access in-depth profiles on hiring managers to
    learn rapport-building details about their job history, professional
    affiliations, academic background and interests.
--  Expand Their Network: Find former colleagues, classmates, and others
    who are in new and interesting jobs and careers.
--  Get In Touch: Access fresh contact details -- phone, email and mailing
    address -- to make a connection and promote themselves.
--  Get Creative: Identify top executives who work for their previous
    employer's competition or colleagues who are now gainfully employed.

"With over 15,000,000 unemployed Americans and the number of job postings declining by over 1M in the last year, job seekers need to be more proactive in their search for work," said David Perry, author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0 and Put America Back To Work. "FreshContacts is a game changer. Job hunters who combine Fresh Contacts with aggressive and creative job hunting tactics have shortened their time to employment by half of the national average."

In the 2 month beta period, 4,000 users have taken advantage of this new offering. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Having been out of work for 6 months and experienced in a very specialized field, I was looking for new ways to market myself and network to find employment," said David Whittingham of Birmingham, MI. "Access to ZoomInfo's intelligence provided me with a fresh start, an immediate list of companies in my field, details on the executives who work there and the contact information I need to get in touch. Levering this information, I am confident that I will be employed shortly and far more productive in developing new business and growing sales in my new job."

Additional information on David Whittingham found via his ZoomInfo profile.

How it Works

Expanding the world's most comprehensive source of intelligence on people and companies, ZoomInfo is broadening the way it collects data by offering business professionals an opportunity to contribute contacts in exchange for free access to the company's growing database of 45M people and 5.5M companies.

Using a free downloadable plug-in, job seekers can quickly and safely trade their contacts for two months of unlimited free ZoomInfo access. The FreshContacts Microsoft Outlook plug-in automatically uploads the user's business contacts in a matter of minutes.

FreshContacts observes the following practices to ensure the integrity of its data and the anonymity of its users:

--  Business Contacts Only -- FreshContacts disregards any contacts that
    have a consumer email address such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!.
--  Contributions are Anonymous -- The source of contact information that
    is used to add or improve information in ZoomInfo's database is kept
--  Opt-Out -- All contributed contacts are scrubbed for CAN-Spam
    compliance. As always, everyone added to ZoomInfo's database is offered the
    opportunity to opt-out via email, web, or toll-free number.

"We've looked at the growing number of jobless in America and realized that we have a tremendous resource we could share to help put America back to work -- actionable information on people and companies," said Sam Zales, President of ZoomInfo. "By providing access in exchange for contacts, ZoomInfo is empowering jobseekers with a very powerful tool to market themselves and uncover new opportunities."

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive source of business information on people and companies in the world. ZoomInfo is used by sales and marketing professionals to find leads, recruiters to uncover talent and by business professionals to find detailed information on people and companies. ZoomInfo's semantic search engine gathers publicly available information from the Business Web -- millions of company websites, news feeds and other online sources -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, then automatically compiles it into easy-to-search and easy-to-read profiles. ZoomInfo currently has profiles on more than 45 million people and 5.5 million companies, and its search engine adds over 20,000 new profiles monthly.

More than 6 million people search every month. And over 3,000 customers, including Yahoo!, Microsoft, Oracle, PepsiCo, and 20 percent of the Fortune 500, subscribe to ZoomInfo's premium service products. ZoomInfo is privately held and based in Waltham, Mass.

ZoomInfo also hosts Follow The Lead, a B2B sales and marketing blog that delivers the latest insights on prospecting, sales intelligence, closing, recruitment, CRM and database management.

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