April 21, 2008 08:35 ET

A Brighter Way to Capture the Sun's Energy

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) -, a new website that centralizes breakthrough technology and innovative thinking from Business to Cooking, from Safety Technology to Biotechnology and beyond, has handed out its latest "Technology of the Day™" award to BioSolar™, Inc. (OTCBB: BSRC).

"BioSolar ( has figured out how to develop durable solar cell components out of bio-based materials rather than conventional petroleum-based materials, lowering the cost of the cells," said Sam Spear, CEO. "The BioBacksheets™ they're creating don't just do their part to make solar power more affordable and therefore accessible, they also reduce our dependence on oil to make these materials."

BioSolar CEO Dr. David Lee said, "We're very happy to win this award. We started off with the mission to develop something better. Now we're doing it. And, we're getting honored by the website that recognizes and appreciates extraordinary work."

In addition to listing a comprehensive array of breakthroughs visitors can see, purchase, invest in, comment on and even submit, the jump creators choose what they think is the innovation that rises slightly higher. Each day. "Just being accepted onto the site says something about these people, their products and/or these companies," Spear adds. "And though we aim to make what's on the site objective rather than subjective, we're picking the Technology of the Day. Some may feel we won't get it right. Which is why every technology page on the site has a voting banner right at the top. Visitors can endorse what they think deserves an award by clicking on that voting banner. The innovation that receives the most votes after one week wins our 'Technology of the Week™' award." made its debut on April 15. "This started as a way to list, honor and centralize all this amazing thinking we see happening somewhere around the world every day," Spear says. "Now it's growing exponentially. More importantly, we're helping bring some much-deserved attention to work that might otherwise only be seen by peer groups or niche audiences. Great ideas are great ideas, regardless if they're breakthrough products, breakthrough research or just breakthroughs period. Taking it one step further, beyond all this amazing work, there's something here bigger than all of us. We not only marvel at that, we find it unstoppably inspiring."

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