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December 11, 2008 20:03 ET

A Canadian Solution to Pollution? Argus opens its eye.

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, Environment Editor, News Editor, Science Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA ADVISORY--(Marketwire - Dec. 11, 2008) - Researchers at Thoth Technology have received the first spectral data from Argus, their new spaceborne micro spectrometer. "We are very excited to be receiving the first spectra from our spaceborne pollution-monitoring instrument," said instrument principal investigator Dr. Brendan Quine. Launched into space in April on the CanX-2 spacecraft, Argus is now returning data on infrared radiation emitted to space. "It's a Canadian first. Argus is able to make pin-point measurements at the resolution of one kilometre on the ground. The infrared spectra we are recording contain an atmospheric absorption signature that enables us to determine local levels of carbon dioxide and other climate-change gases." Quine said.

Developed in partnership in partnership with York University, the instrument's most remarkable feature is its size. "In order to get the spectrometer onto a micro satellite, we had to miniaturise everything," Quine said. To meet the challenge, Quine's team had to reduce a spectrometer instrument, normally the size of a laser printer, down to the size of a box of paperclips. The resulting instrument weighs only 230 g, but it packs a big punch. "Argus opens up the possibility to observe directly from space industrial scale emissions with a global cover+age. In the new economy, those who create pollution will be subject to more taxation. A pollution monitoring system is critical in order to ensure economic equity and to quantify progress towards emission-reduction targets." Quine said.

Thoth is now seeking partners for a more widespread deployment. "The Earth is very big at one kilometre," laughs Quine, "so we need to fly a network of about one hundred Argus instruments in order to quantify pollution accurately and build detailed pollution maps. These first spectra from the first Argus demonstrate the technology and will be used to validate our retrieval techniques." /For further information: Melissa Hughes, Media Relations, York University

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