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January 14, 2014 09:30 ET

A Corporate Update for New and Existing Shareholders From Marani Brands

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 14, 2014) - Marani Brands (OTC Pink: MRIB) Marani Brands would like to take some time to update shareholders on the current financial status of the company and provide a forecast for future growth.

Over the past three months, Marani Brands has begun to execute the company's plan to once again bring Marani vodka spirit to the forefront of the alcohol industry. The company has signed two contracts that will bring in $70 million in sales over the next five years and continues to pursue further distribution opportunities both domestically and internationally. Marani Spirits has filed to re-establish their alcohol license in the State of California. The company expects to roll out its award winning vodka to retailers in California within the next 30 days. Each ultra-premium bottle of Marani vodka spirit is expected to retail for $28-32 in the domestic market.

Marani also anticipates that its spirit will be sent out to distribution centers internationally before the end of Q1. The company expects to bring in $200,000 in revenue per shipping container distributed. With a minimum of 3 containers sent out to be distributed per month, it is expected that initial monthly revenue will total at least $600,000 with potential for more. Marani utilizes letters of credit for the vodka's international distribution, cutting upfront capital requirements in half. The company feels this strategy will maximize revenues from the product's launch to promote continuous growth.

Marani Brands will continue its efforts to turn Marani vodka spirit into a global name. The company has enlisted the services of Zodiac Brand Management out of New York City, as well as funded many events to maximize exposure to the market. The company will bring its unique vodka to the attention of many discerning customers through events with names such as HBO, Molton Brown, Vogue, and Mercedes Fashion Week. Marani Brands will continue to seek other high-profile avenues for global exposure.

Marani Brands would like to thank shareholders for their continued support of the company as it undergoes its revival of a truly unique product. The company feels that it is taking all the right steps to maximize shareholder value in securing constructive financing options. In order to preserve the company's integrity in the public market, there will be no common share dilution for financing purposes. Margarit Eyraud, CEO of Marani Brands, wants to make the investing community aware that shareholders are one of her highest priorities. She would like to remind shareholders that Marani vodka is still in its infancy, and therefore needs to maintain the product's competitiveness. In order to do so, she will continue to progressively roll out as much information as possible to the public, while still preserving an edge until the brand becomes more established. Any inquires that the investing community may have should be sent to the company at Marani Brands feels that in due time, current and future shareholders will truly reap the benefits of the company's efforts to make the vodka spirit a commercial success.

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