April 19, 2011 10:30 ET

A Fun, New Online World Teaches Financial Life Lessons to Kids

BancVue Launches MoneyIsland During Financial Literacy Month

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2011) - BancVue announces the launch of MoneyIsland™, a fun online world geared to tweens ages 8-14. MoneyIsland engages children to become "financial gurus" through adventurous quests to the Eiffel Tower, Atlantis, and other exotic destinations. The built-in curriculum, developed by an award-winning educator, teaches kids in three key financial categories: Saving & Spending, Earning & Investing, and Using Credit Wisely.

MoneyIsland is a virtual experience, but the kids earn real-life rewards too, such as a savings deposit, a gift card, or a classroom pizza party. It also gives parents and teachers tools to track their kids' progress and assist in the learning experience. BancVue developed MoneyIsland in response to the downward trend of financial literacy in the U.S., now at an all-time low. Meanwhile, 91% of parents are interested in providing a better financial education for their kids,1 and 8 in 10 teachers think they could do a better job at teaching students more financial skills.2

"The trick is to teach kids something valuable with fun and engaging activities, so they look forward to coming back again and again," says Felix Brandon Lloyd, a former Washington, D.C. Teacher of the Year, creator of MoneyIsland, and BancVue's Chief Professor.

While a number of child-oriented financial literacy projects have been in circulation, MoneyIsland represents a giant leap in terms of interactivity, cohesive storyline, and gameplay. The lessons learned are aligned with Common Core State Standards and the national standards published by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. It will be available for free through community banks and credit unions nationwide. MoneyIsland has already been successfully piloted by public schools in Treynor, Iowa, and Austin, Texas, and has been adopted by 26 flagship institutions in 18 states. That number is expected to skyrocket now that MoneyIsland has launched. A sneak peek is available at

In development since 2007, MoneyIsland has arrived at the perfect time. Recent economic conditions have placed unprecedented emphasis on improving the nation's financial literacy. Research has verified what experts and educators have long expressed -- teens who learn financial education early exhibit far healthier and responsible financial habits.3

"On its surface, it's fun for kids. But the ultimate inspiration is that here -- in the richest country in the world -- we have the responsibility to educate our youth on how to handle money," explains Lloyd. "We've already learned the alternative leads to instability and unsustainably excessive personal debt. MoneyIsland was created to reverse that trend."

It is natural for MoneyIsland to be delivered through BancVue's growing network of nearly 1,300 community banks and credit unions. These community financial institutions represent the backbone of Main Street America, and have always lead the crusade for fair, open, and responsible banking practices. A more informed population will support BancVue's mission to help community financial institutions regain a prominent position overrun by too-big-to-fail megabanks.

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