Diagnos Inc.

Diagnos Inc.

February 07, 2005 12:59 ET

A Kimberlite Discovery in Brazil Using the DIAGNOS CARDS System

"Company") (VENTURE TSX: ADK), a leader in knowledge extraction and artificial
intelligence, announced today the discovery of a kimberlite (ADK 13) on
Diagem's properties in Brazil.
The kimberlite was discovered using DIAGNOS CARDS system (Computer Aided
Resource Detection Software). The CARDS system uses proprietary artificial
intelligence algorithms to identify new kimberlitic targets. The system
processes multiple data sources such as: geophysical data, geochemistry data,
topography, satellite multi spectral data and other sources of data in order
to learn the digital signature of previously identified kimberlites.
Recognition of a similar signature in a new set of data generates the target.
"Diagem will be pursuing an additional 20 targets identified by our CARDS
system. We hope to change the way exploration is done today by the
introduction of our new Artificial Intelligent System", said André Larente,
President of DIAGNOS inc. Over the last six months, the Company has been
treating geophysical data targeted towards the discovery of precious and base
metal occurrences.
DIAGNOS has adapted its CARDS system for the processing of seismic data
used in the oil & gas industry. By using the same methodology based on
artificial intelligence, DIAGNOS is confident that it will significantly
increase the probabilities of drilling payable oil and gas wells. The CARDS
system establishes the digital signature within the seismic data, which
differentiate successful wells from dry holes in order to target prospects
resembling the digital signatures of successful wells.
The Company's objective is to develop a royalty stream by significantly
increasing the exploration success rate of mining and oil & gas companies.


DIAGNOS develops and markets data mining software. The Company designed,
developed and markets MCubiX, a data mining software suite capable of
extracting knowledge from historical data - in the form of images, text or
traditional databases - and making predictions that improve business processes
and decision making ability.

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