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October 24, 2005 16:40 ET

A Look Inside America Through the Photos We Take

Survey Shows: Dads Are Most Likely to Be Missing From Family Photos, Most People Missed Taking Photos of Important Occasions, and the Usual Storage Place for Great Memories Is in a Box

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 24, 2005 -- A recent survey of 1,684 people conducted by SharedBook, Inc. investigated what photos -- or the lack of them -- may say about the American family. And the results don't always paint a pretty picture for dear old dad. For instance, when asked which person is most frequently in your pictures, mom tops the list (26%), followed by daughter (18%), son (17%), the pet (10%) and finally dad (8%). That's right, dad loses to Fido! And when asked which person appears least in your vacation photos... far and away, the top answer was dad (48%).

While digital cameras seem to be inducing Americans to take more and more photos, we seem to be looking at those photos less and less. 49% of Americans now say they take 100 photos or more a year, yet 52% say they look at the photos they've taken once a year or less. This could be because, in the survey, 31% of people store their photos in a box.

The digital era has made it even worse. For many, the computer has become a photo graveyard. For those of us who keep most of our photos on the computer, the frequency of viewing our old photo collections declines to once every two to four years. No wonder that 71% said that after five years, they couldn't name any of the non-family members in a photo they took.

"Technology has made it easy to take great pictures; however, up until now, it hasn't helped us preserve them in a way that makes reliving them easy," explains Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of SharedBook. SharedBook Inc. has pioneered the online creation of personalized, professionally printed, full color, branded books that capture an individual's experiences and memories. "We have become addicted to taking pictures. Ironically, it seems as though still photography has replaced video. But we don't know what to do with all the photos we're now taking. If we keep them on the computer, they are rarely viewed. If we put them in albums, we'll eventually need second attics to store them, and a private investigator to identify all the people and places in them." Vanderlip continues, "That is one of the reasons we have launched SharedBook, and why we conducted this survey in the first place. With SharedBook's innovative technology, anyone can now easily create a personalized book of their photos with dates, anecdotes, and anything else one needs to keep their memories as fresh as if they just happened yesterday."

93% of the people surveyed would pay for a photo that someone else had that they wanted and 81% wished they had photos of occasions that they didn't get.

Vanderlip concludes, "There was never a question in my mind that people needed a new way of taking pictures and to share photos with others. SharedBook's products help people do just that."

When asked, "Where do you most frequently like to take pictures of your spouse?" one of men's favorite places to photograph their wives was at holiday events and on vacation (79% each), while one of women's favorite places to snap a shot of their husbands was "in an embarrassing situation" (82%). Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising, then, that dad is so frequently not in the picture!

The SharedBook survey of people from across the country also showed some emotional traits common among those who take a lot of photographs versus those who take fewer pictures. For instance, 73% of families who say they take an above average amount of photos, show a tendency to dine together as a family more often than those who take a below average amount of photos. 68% of high picture takers say they eat dinner together as a family at least 5 nights a week, while only 51% of low photo takers dine together that frequently.

"Photos say and do a lot for families," explains Ms. Vanderlip. "It is not only about taking the picture, but taking the time to look at them and honor the memories they conjure up. It is a way to relive magic moments, to bring special feelings and times of closeness from the past into the present. Memories are the commonalities that define families as well as any shared community!"

Caroline Vanderlip is available for interviews.

Sample copies of any of the current SharedBook titles are available upon request.


SharedBook, Inc. has pioneered the online creation of personalized, professionally printed, full color, branded books that capture an individual's experiences and memories. SharedBook works with leading brands whose members share a strong affinity. Through the use of patent-pending web technology, users access a website to share their photos and stories which are contributed by organizations and other members. This consumer generated media is then transformed by the user into an offline, professionally printed book. Affiliate organizations get a unique marketing tool and lifelong brand reinforcement. Founded in 2003 and based in New York, SharedBook has relationships with Little League International, AYSO Soccer, USA Football, CruiseWest Cruise Lines, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Cool Running.


Dad goes to the dogs

Dad is the least photographed family member, appearing on average in only 8% of family photos, 18% lower than mom, and 2% lower than the dog.

Get a hit or I'll shove that guys camera right up your x#$*X&%.

Little league parents who take an above average amount of photos are less likely to force their children to play sports, less likely to argue with the umpire, or yell at their own child.

Where are we going to put them all?

49% of the country now takes over 100 pictures a year, 13% take over 500.

If he buys a camera, get mouthwash.

Above average picture takers like to click and kiss, or is it kiss and click. 69% of people who say they take an above average amount of family photos say they also kiss goodnight, 18% say they smooch between 3 to 5 times per week. Only 60% of those who say they take a below average amount of photos lip lock at night and only 12% say they kiss 3 to 5 times a week.

Sons and Daughters:

The top 5 scenarios for taking pictures of one's daughter:

1) playing sports (87%)
2) vacations (72%)
3) with their friends (69%)
4) holiday event (68%)
5) at a religious ceremony (63%)
The top 5 scenarios for taking photos of one's son:
1) playing sports (81%)
2) vacation (79%)
3) at a party (79%)
4) holiday event (78%)
5) embarrassing situation (71%)
Oh, she never eats

We are over twice as likely to photograph our sons eating than our daughters, 66% to 32%.

My daughter has to date nice boys, my son just has to make sure he gets the car back…….

62% of us like photographing our daughter going on a date, but only 21% of us like to remember our son's liaisons.

Well, it's priorities

51% say they know exactly where the photos are of their children's religious ceremonies, but 89% know where the little league pictures are.

Name your price

93% of people surveyed would pay for a photo someone else had.

I'd rather remember the vacation

100% of people said they had photos of a vacation with only 53% having photos of their anniversaries.

Little League more important than graduation?

83% of people have no idea where their graduation pictures are but 89% know where their Little League pictures are.

Who can remember?

Five years after an event/vacation, 71% cannot remember the non-family members in their photos?

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