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November 13, 2006 08:00 ET

A Moral Decision for All Canadians Not Just MP's

by Sterling Clark

WATERFORD, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 13, 2006) - I am concerned over the government's ambition to "rush" the same-sex legislation through Parliament without a thorough examination of all the social, moral, and economic problems involved in it. In light of the fact that it is a moral issue for all Canadians, and not only for parliamentarians, I feel all Canadians should have a voice in accepting or rejecting the same-sex legislation through a national vote of the electorate in some form and at some time.

The MP's were elected to office to be responsible to govern Canada in relation to its political agenda of growth of industry, commerce, military development, economics, social programs, and many other segments of our secular society. But they were not elected to become the moral conscience of all Canadians.

Whereas the moral issue of same-sex legislation falls outside the political mandate of politicians, then the 263 members of Parliament have no authority to speak for 32,000,000 Canadians.

The same-sex legislation will touch the nerve of every home and family in this country over a period of time for years to come, therefore it is unconstitutional for the elected members of Parliament, and appointed Senators, to be the moral guardians of Canada. This is not how true democracy works!

Our moral beliefs are a private and personal matter which other people cannot make in our stead. From this perspective, a free vote of "yea" or "nay" by the members of Parliament regarding the controversy of the same-sex legislation is denying the Canadian public the privilege of determining the moral direction of our country.

For the Parliament of Canada to pass legislation to approve "same-sex marriage," when it is only a same-sex relationship, is giving preferential treatment to a distinct class of men and women, based upon sexual orientation which is contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights.

The birth and death of nations are often etched in history by dates and times. And in this way, each generation can remember their forefathers, and the sacrifices and hardships they went through to build their nation.

But in Canada, we often let Canada Day pass without much reflection on the pioneer spirit our ancestors had who laid the foundation of our nation, and their vision of carving out a Dominion in the new world. We can only imagine their fortitude, and love for freedom, which filled their hearts to begin to cultivate the land, and to build schools and churches, and to see our nation grow through homes and families.

As we travel the length and breadth of Canada, we must remember homes still represent the backbone of nationhood, and that they represent more than brick and mortar. Each family is like a spoke of a wheel which gives completeness to the whole cycle. There will be no increase in the number of new families to build and strengthen our nation if the same-sex legislation is passed by Parliament.

Our nation has grown by one generation at a time, and any interruption of this sequence of procreation would have stymied our national growth and development. In other words, a nation doesn't grow simply by economics, industry, and education, as much as by following the natural order of creation of families through the marriage of male and female. This order of nation building will never be reversed.

But we are about to see a change on the Canadian landscape. The attempt to ignore the natural manner of procreation, and the divine plan of God of monogamous marriage of male and female, is contrary to the way civilization has advanced throughout the world since the beginning of time.

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