SEIU Canada (Service Employees International Union - Canada)

SEIU Canada (Service Employees International Union - Canada)

April 28, 2009 06:00 ET

A National Day of Mourning

For Workers Killed or Injured On The Job

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 28, 2009) - Canadian workers are dying. A thousand workers die from accidents at work. April 28 is recognized by SEIU and the labour movement across Canada as the day when we mourn victims of workplace accidents or disease and remember their sacrifice. It is also a time for the renewal of our pledge to rededicate ourselves to the goal of making our workplace safer. We must continue to urge governments to improve health and safety standards and workers compensation benefits in the workplace.

There are around a million workplace injuries a year in Canada - a compensable injury occurs every seven seconds of each working day.

- Deaths from workplace injury average nearly a thousand a year. In Canada, one worker is killed every two hours of each working day.

- Deaths from workplace diseases go largely unrecorded and uncompensated; they likely exceed deaths from workplace injuries.

"We remember on this day, the workers who have passed away because of injury or work place related illness and we ask our governments to enforce legislation protecting the workplace. We cannot stand by while our otherwise healthy brothers and sisters are injured at work. When will we be next," said Sharleen Stewart, President SEIU Local 1.

We ask you to call on our governments from across Canada to do a better job at safeguarding our brothers and sisters. We cherish the work we do but we don't expect to give our lives to our work. Protect workers from injury now.

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