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May 05, 2011 17:52 ET

A National Holiday Worthy of Acknowledgement -- National Small Business Week

AdviCoach Asks Residents to Say Thank You to Local Small Business Owners

SOUTHBURY, CT--(Marketwire - May 5, 2011) - Americans look for many reasons to celebrate life. We are at the core of a positive, almost idealistic culture supportive of change and ability. This is probably the reason we have so many national "holidays." However, there is one we should be paying attention to that is worthy of acknowledgement: National Small Business Week, celebrated the week of May 16th - 20th.

"People underestimate the role that small business owners play in support of our economy," says Brian Miller, COO and president of AdviCoach®. "Entrepreneurship is essential to the vitality of any economy, developed or developing. So let's take the time during the week of May 16th - 20th to acknowledge and support the business owners who continue year after year to serve our communities."

In the book "A Profile of the Entrepreneur" by William E. Jennings, entrepreneurs were given a list of attributes and asked to rate the importance of each attribute for success. The seven most highly ranked qualities were (1) perseverance, (2) the desire and willingness to take the initiative, (3) competitiveness, (4) self-reliance, (5) a strong need to achieve, (6) self-confidence, and (7) good physical health. The entrepreneurial characteristics that the same group of entrepreneurs ranked as least necessary for success are (1) a strong desire for money, (2) patience, (3) being well organized, and (4) having a need for power.

"Another attribute that our coaches see within their successful client bases is that successful entrepreneurs can visualize their success. Having a vision is great motivation for working hard and making things happen," says Miller.

Entrepreneurs will likely play a leading role in the economic recovery versus the various industries that are neither hiring nor creating more jobs in this country. According to the Kaufman Foundation, on average, one-year-old firms create nearly one million jobs, while ten-year-old firms generate 300,000.

"Entrepreneurs not only bring job growth, innovation and economic development to a community, they are often leaders who make efforts to improve social services and overall wealth in their community," says Miller. "And the community needs to recognize this and make it a point to support these risk-takers and community advocates," Miller added.

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