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April 20, 2007 10:00 ET

A Natural Solution for Teenage Angst

Clinically Tested Arctic Root® Herbal Adaptogen Helps Teens' Mood, Focus

SEDONA, AZ--(CCNMatthews - April 20, 2007) - It's not easy being a teenager today. Somehow, teens have to manage surging hormones; pressure from their peers to try cigarettes, drugs and alcohol; changes to their bodies; self esteem issues; first experiences with romance; and the stress of scholastic expectations -- all while getting by on insufficient sleep. No wonder so many teenagers are ridden with angst and have difficulty focusing! Fortunately, ProActive BioProducts, Inc. may have just the solution concerned parents are looking for, in the form of a unique, scientifically tested Swedish product called Arctic Root®.

Developed by Swedish Herbal Institute, Arctic Root® is a proprietary extract of Rhodiola rosea, a well-researched and commercially-grown plant native to Scandinavia, Iceland and Siberia. Rhodiola has been clinically shown to promote mood elevation, increase energy levels and enhance mental clarity -- just the ticket for the typical scatter-brained, moody teenager.

Just ask Dave Jensen, President of ProActive BioProducts, Inc. and father of a formerly angst-ridden teen. His son, Tyler, had problems focusing in school. He was a smart kid with a high IQ, but he was getting average grades because he lacked focus and wouldn't do his homework. Plus, Tyler had the added challenge of being short for his age, which meant that he got heavily teased -- and that made him moody.

On the recommendation of an Icelandic friend, Dave Jensen, his wife Linda, and 13-year-old Tyler all started taking Arctic Root®. "Over a period of a month or two after he started taking this product, he had an improvement in his ability to focus on work and his teachers reported back that he was getting better grades," says Jensen. Tyler's mood also improved. He became less argumentative and troublesome and responded to teasing better. "His personal issues had consumed his life," Jensen explains. "But when he started taking Arctic Root®, most of those problems went away."

Tyler Jensen's experience isn't isolated. Published clinical trials have consistently found that Arctic Root® increases mental alertness and concentration. One study, which researched the effect of the extract on students during a stressful exam period, found the product significantly improved physical fitness, mental fatigue and brain-motor functioning after 20 days of supplementation compared to placebo.(1) The students taking Arctic Root® also scored higher in self-assessments of their general well-being. In other words, they felt better. That finding is consistent with the herb's traditional use in Scandinavia and Russia for boosting mood.

What separates Arctic Root® from a number of other brands of Rhodiola rosea on the market today is that it contains a unique natural substance called SHR-5. The majority of the most often referenced clinical trials on Rhodiola rosea have been performed on Arctic Root® or its ingredient, SHR-5. Arctic Root® is manufactured to exacting quality standards, which is why the product has been recognized by Newsweek, as well as capturing the Swedish Health Council "Best Health Product" prize four years in a row.

As for Tyler Jensen, he's now headed off to Chapman University -- one of the nation's top film schools -- where he received a $48,000 scholarship based on academic merit. "I really thank goodness that he was taking Arctic Root® because I think it had a big impact on his years as a teenager," says Dave Jensen. Now he's made it his goal to spread the word to other parents.

Founded in 2006, ProActive BioProducts, Inc. is a national provider of science-based natural products sold through licensed Holistic Healthcare Practitioners. The company's mission is to promote truly proactive healthcare by representing top-tier product lines for the North American market. The first partner company selected for the venture, Swedish Herbal Institute, is a world leader in botanical research and development with more than 30 years of experience. ProActive BioProducts, Inc. currently distributes three Swedish Herbal Institute products: Arctic Root®, Adapt 232® and Kan Jang®.

ProActive BioProducts, Inc. is located in Sedona, Arizona. To try Arctic Root®, or to find a holistic practitioner that recommends it, please visit, phone (877) 282-5366, or email

(1) Spasov AA, et al. A double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of the stimulating and adapatogenic effect of Rhodiola rosea SHR-5 extract on the fatigue of students caused by stress during an examination period with a repeated low-dose regimen. Phytomedicine. 2000 Apr;7(2):85-9.

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