Oralys Inc.

Oralys Inc.

May 13, 2015 15:58 ET

A New App From Oralys, Canada's Leader in Assistive Technology Solutions

MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2015) -

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Oralys is pleased to announce its entry into the mobile app market with IdeoPrompt®, a new assistive-technology scheduling app for individuals with organizational needs, or as support for anyone who would benefit from a structured environment. It is the latest offering from this privately-held company, which has over ten years' experience in the research, development and integration of technology tools for individuals who need assistance with communicating, organizing and learning.

"This is the first bilingual multiplatform app of its kind, and an exciting new option for a large number of people all over the world," says Tanya Reddy, General Manager of Oralys. "IdeoPrompt is designed to be non-intrusive and evolutionary. With a series of prompts, it takes you step-by-step through any number of tasks, shows you what's coming next, and helps you stay focussed. As an app on a tablet or smart-phone, it's discreet, which makes it more socially acceptable. And we made it really easy to use and personalize, even for a young child or tech-challenged senior. Oralys believes that the tool needs to adapt to the user, not the user to the tool."

IdeoPrompt, available from the App Store and Google play, features Oralys technology and expertise working powerfully in the background. "What really makes our products unique," notes Reddy, "is our priority on simplicity of use, and the fact that we make them so easy to personalize. If you take a young boy with autism as an example, IdeoPrompt can be set up to help him get dressed, brush his teeth, wash his face, listen to his favourite song, see a video of Mom showing him how to fold his sweatshirt, hear Dad remind him that the bus is arriving soon, show him a picture of his teacher, provide him with a checklist of his homework tasks, and feature pictograms of his lunch. It can be adapted to any individual, taking into account their personal preferences. It's not a cookie-cutter app, it actually becomes one-of-a-kind for each user."

IdeoPrompt is also a promising solution for individuals with challenges such as ADHD, learning disabilities, brain injuries, intellectual impairments, as well as individuals with dementia and Alzheimer's disease -- with a large percentage of Canada's aging population destined to have some form of cognitive impairment, Oralys is keenly aware of the need for user-friendly solutions. The hope is that IdeoPrompt will fill a widening gap, ease the burden on the health care system, and improve quality of life for both the user and caregiver.

Oralys works closely with professionals in education and health care, collaborating as multi-disciplinary teams to work on new products. The company takes a needs-based approach to their solutions, to stress the need for versatility in meeting these needs. They have successfully provided thousands of products to a world of users since their inception, working in tandem with government and educational institutions. They are active at trade shows and conferences and are currently involved in two ongoing studies exploring the therapeutic benefits of assistive technology.

To learn more, visit the company's website at www.oralys.ca

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