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March 01, 2011 08:30 ET

A New App Makes Memorizing Easy From SYK

A New Invention, a New Era

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - March 1, 2011) -  Since the beginning of the written word, people have been memorizing the same way. Innovation plus mobile phones has offered a new remedy of the usually boring and dull task of memorizing. Now, whether you are trying to memorize poetry, memorizing a speech for the stage, or a business presentation, or trying to have a fun way for your kids to memorize things for school, there is an app for that.

What is the "Memorizing" app?

"Memorizing," an Android and iPhone app, takes memorizing and turns it into a game. In it, the app continually hides and shows text until you have learned it by heart. The mechanism is similar to that of learning through flashcards. While it was impractical to learn this way with pen and paper, the app has made this "old-fashioned" learning technique modernized for your phone. The app also includes the complete Shakespeare monologues, the English languages greatest poetry of all time, and the greatest speeches in history, all to memorize easily.

Why is there a need for memorizing?

Often in life, circumstances require the ability to recall text on command. This happens every day for actors, but frequently also happens to the working person when doing a presentation. The technique of memorizing poetry, which was long a classic teaching technique, has been abandoned because children hated the learning process. However, memorized passages such as poetry learned as a child can last a lifetime. An amazing example of this is the inventor's 102 year-old grandmother, who can recall the poetry she learned over 90 years ago.

Where can one purchase the app?

Developed by SYK at, the app was inspired by its CEO, Maurice Perdreau, having once forgotten his lines as an actor. "Memorizing is one of those things that is hard to do, but the benefits are innumerable," he states. It is available on the Android Market store and iPhone app store for $4.99. More information on the app is available at

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