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February 16, 2007 10:30 ET

A New British Invasion in Southern California?

SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 16, 2007 -- The classic British Invasion was in 1964-1966, when an influx of rock & roll performers from the U.K. took the U.S. by storm, but the term has also been applied to later "waves" of U.K. artists that have had significant impact on entertainment markets on American soil. Today, a new British wave has washed up another English talent onto the beaches of Santa Barbara -- Executive Producer of Hub Media ( Gary Sugarman. Gary and his company are intending to have a significant impact on video and film markets across America and the rest of the globe. Of course, for Gary the added advantage of being in California is having large pools of talent, in both the United States and the U.K., to fish from.

Hub Media ( has already proven its success in Europe producing video based multimedia marketing for corporations and businesses since 1995. Hub Media is now world wide and is unique in its specialization in video marketing for associations and events; however, its creative force, Gary Sugarman, says this is just the beginning, "I've always been passionate about film and enjoy all parts of the filmmaking process, but my forte is in bringing great talent together." Crawford Anderson-Dillon, Hub Media's producer in London, says, "Gary is an innovative filmmaker who seems to have a natural flair for bringing a script to life on the big screen." Hub Media's film division, Frying Pan Films, is also now in production on a short film this fall, in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Film & Television Commission in September, and intends on entering the film into the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2008, as well as other recognized festivals worldwide.

Hub Media ( consists of a collective group of moving image experts that creates content for a wide variety of media, including TV, DVD, cd-rom, online streaming, flash animations and web movies. The Hub Media team has a strong industry pedigree and has worked for a broad range of clients that include Audi, Oracle B, Kodak and Clarion.

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