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MaxxCAT Enterprise Search Appliance

March 22, 2010 07:00 ET

A New Standard in Data Retrieval -- MaxxCAT Raises the Bar for Enterprise Search

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - March 22, 2010) -  The new MaxxCAT search appliance's impressive resume of unlimited use, extreme performance, high degree of customization and lower price point than any other search appliance on the market just got more impressive. The MaxxCAT search appliance can now index and merge data from multiple sources including databases, websites, file shares, networked computers and applications simultaneously while providing response times up to 20 times faster than any other search appliance or software solution on the market.

On March 22nd, MaxxCAT Corporation will release version 1.5 of its JDBC connector, codenamed BobCAT, designed to outperform where other search appliances fall short. BobCAT will allow owners of existing EX-5000 search appliances ( to upgrade to this industry leading database connector. BobCAT will be available as an option on all new appliances shipping after March 22, 2010. BobCAT allows for any JDBC compliant database to interface directly to MaxxCAT appliances for unmatched indexing and retrieval. The enhanced support of this open standard allows MaxxCAT enterprise search appliances and clusters to quickly collect, index and serve information retrieval requests from a centralized or distributed MaxxCAT appliance or cluster of appliances.

The MaxxCAT enterprise search appliances ( can combine data from a number of different sources including databases, websites, file shares, networked computers and applications with support with over 200 different document types and virtually unlimited data structures. MaxxCAT's ground breaking interface provides rapid retrieval of relevant information from an easy to use, highly customizable keyword based interface. The JDBC connector allows companies to selectively index information from databases and combine it with information from disparate or heterogeneous systems effortlessly via an easy retrieval interface, enabling users to quickly find information from all sources simultaneously.

"The MaxxCAT appliance is so much faster than standard databases and competing search appliances, especially with respect to the retrieval of unstructured data. This feature was driven by increased demand by our customers to connect additional sources to the MaxxCAT search appliance," stated Josh Glick, chief integration engineer. "We are working with a number of customers who have data in SQLServer, mySQL or Oracle Databases that we are able to easily consolidate and query against, even though the source databases and data models vary dramatically. This is simply not possible with conventional database software, which relies upon proprietary interfaces and does not handle unstructured data very well, if at all."

EX-5000 Enterprise Search appliances equipped with BobCAT are able to retrieve and index information from host systems at speeds in excess of 1GB/minute. Even by conservative estimates, this is in excess of machines that cost more than 3 times as much. The 1.5 JDBC BobCAT connector supports standard SQL and allows developers or administrators to quickly create crawls in the widely supported SQL language. Multiple simultaneous end users can retrieve data from deep inside of corporate databases that may typically be buried or inaccessible to those without SQL skills at rates starting at 10,000 QPM. The robust EX-5000 API allows developers to build solutions that employ the EX-5000 as a central database, franchising information from websites, databases and applications with a minimum of effort.

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