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December 16, 2009 06:00 ET

A Nice Piece of App -- From the Team Behind Private Dancer

A Guy's Guide to Navigating the iPhone's Bikini Jungle

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2009) - Ask anybody who has an iPhone, especially men, and they'll tell you the same thing: You can find a lot of R-rated movies on iTunes, but in the App Store it's all PG-13. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Even with Apple's no-nudity stance, iPhone developers have gotten very creative with mature content. Curious? Of course you are.

Leave it to the guys behind Private Dancer -- a virtual lap dance app featuring exotic dancers -- to offer up a quickie list that will turn you on to the steamier side of iPhone apps.


--  Feeling dirty? The Sexy Screen Wash app is tailored to the naughty
    neat freak.
--  Turned on by hair color? Brunette Beauties and Alluring Blondes might
    meet your needs.
--  Puzzled by women or just into puzzles? Sexy FindIT lets you play a
    game of "what's missing" on the lingerie model.
--  Perpetually late, hot, and bothered? Try Strip Clock.
--  Like animated ladies? (Literally animated, we're not talking about
    personality.) Peekaboo features 3D digital illustrations of barely dressed
    women with names like Nikki and Gina.
--  Want the girlfriend experience? Pocket Girlfriend uses the tagline,
    "Just like your girlfriend, but funny and hot." In this case, your pocket
    girlfriend is in her underwear and you can program her to say anything you
    want, with audio options like, "I don't believe in nagging" and "I love
    hairy men."
--  Into bikini babes, straight up and no chaser? Bikini Blast is the app
    that pretty much sums up the bikini category. Add about 500 similar apps --
    give or take a thong -- and you could probably spend days on your phone and
    not get through them all.

"Every few seconds, sex crosses a man's mind. If they can feed that need with some kind of stimulation, then that's what they'll do," says Dr. Sadie Allison, the award-winning author of "Tickle His Pickle: Your Hands-On Guide to Penis Pleasing" who also has a doctorate in human sexuality. "Believe me, if men could carry around their Playboy collection, they would. Instead, technology like the iPhone lets them carry sexy pin-up girls in the palm of their hands. Of course there are endless bikini apps. It's human nature."

While you won't be seeing full frontal nudity any time soon, more sexually explicit apps are appearing on iTunes every single day. And they're getting more sophisticated in the face of competition. Private Dancer was developed by designers who worked on big name video games for Blizzard, EA, and ESPN Games. To stand out among the other adult apps, they built an engine for Private Dancer that transitions high quality photos to make the exotic dancers look like they're performing for the person viewing their iPhone. It was almost declared too sexy for Apple, but the company adjusted the app to get an iTunes rating of 17+.

"This is hot," noted Burton Vargas, a lighting technician for who was one of the first to view Private Dancer when it hit the App Store. "Anybody can take a pic of some hot chick, but to have the lighting just right and sequencing showing legs closed, then's awesome."

That said, Vargas goes on to ask the big question that remains on every heterosexual male's mind, "Where's the app where she gets naked?"


Founded in 2009, Private Dancer Enterprises develops adult-themed entertainment for handheld communication devices. The company's namesake app, Private Dancer, is available for .99 in the iTunes App Store. Users can download it to their iPhones, select one of eight music tracks, and view a virtual lap dance performed by exotic dancers and lingerie models from all over the world.

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