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March 25, 2011 13:09 ET

A Paint Brush and Earning Your MBA* With College Pro Painters

LONDON, ON--(Marketwire - March 25, 2011) - Some college students spend their summers lying on a beach, backpacking through Europe, or partying with friends like it's, well...summer.

Others, however, spend those precious months doing something that has a life-long impact on their future. Something amazing. And it all starts with a paintbrush and a big can of paint.

At a time when jobs are scarce and young adults are depended on more and more to help out with bills and college or university tuition, College Pro Painters offers invaluable job opportunities to a select group of hard-working individuals who are willing to "rise to the challenge." According to, "colleges and universities are seeing more students unable to pay their semester bills and are in danger of being forced to drop out." College Pro offers a solution that will not only help students become financially independent, but also attain life-long business skills.

Each summer, over 500 driven, energetic and enthusiastic college or university students or recently graduated students come together across North America under the tutelage of College Pro Painters and learn how to run their own businesses. In the process, they'll show the ropes to another 7,000 of their fellow students or recent graduates who will also discover the entrepreneurial spirit in a summer spent painting houses and cleaning windows.

Since 1971, College Pro has helped college and university student entrepreneurs earn cash for tuition, learn invaluable business and life skills, meet new people and climb a few rungs up the ladder of success. They facilitate college students' summer jobs, having provided more than 100,000 college students with the opportunity to learn exceptional management and leadership skills through the real-world experience of running their own business.

College Pro Painters is one of largest and most successful student painting businesses in North America. Student managers and their painting crews help homeowners improve the beauty of their property as they enhance their business skills.

It's all a part of the company's commitment: to provide college students jobs. College students who have a passion for excellence, a drive for success, and who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and do a little hard work should apply. The hours can be long, and learning to work as a team with people you've just met can have a bit of a learning curve. Still, the rewards can be immeasurable.

Students undergo rigorous training on how to run a professional painting business. Those who become managers learn everything necessary to lead -- paint and painting, finances, marketing and sales, client and employee relations, and managing a painting project from beginning to end. They even learn how to interview and hire student employees, and then how to pass on what they've learned to their student crews.

In return for all their hard work, student managers and painting crews gain real-life experience, leadership and management skills, and a self-confidence that makes them attractive to potential employers.

Lessons of a lifetime, all crammed into one short summer.

"I am very proud of the time I had at College Pro, and very grateful for the people I have met and had the opportunity to see grow and mature as leaders in business, their communities and with their families. (The organization)... is a large family -- a network of like-minded individuals who share common values, and common objectives -- a family of which I am very proud to be a part."  - Jeff Wall, President, Handyman Connection

The job can be difficult, but the rewards are worth every minute -- certainly more productive than college student opportunities spent making coffee, fetching dry cleaning and filing.

One thing is for sure, for students who spend a summer working for this company, life will never be quite the same.

*Major Business Acumen


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