October 08, 2010 14:52 ET

A Peanut Butter Replacement That Prevents Bullying?

WOWBUTTER Is a Solution That Allows School Peanut Butter Bans

ANN ARBOR, MI--(Marketwire - October 8, 2010) -  As has been widely reported, a recent Mt. Sinai School of Medicine study found 35 percent of children with food allergies being bullied, teased, or harassed because of their allergies. Dr. Scott Sicherer, Pediatric Allergist and the study's author said, "The school has to really address it. It's not the child's responsibility to take care of this problem."

There is now a solution available to schools and all parents that will prevent bullying of peanut allergic kids and address the great need for effective school peanut allergy policies.

According to Scott Mahon, developer of the product, "SAFE4SCHOOL WOWBUTTER is the only natural product available that looks, smells and tastes just like real peanut butter and was developed to protect the millions of kids suffering from life threatening peanut allergies." As Mr. Mahon stated, "When socially responsible schools implement complete peanut bans, they are creating a safe, healthy learning environment for all kids while keeping kids and schools safe and free of peanut allergies issues and bullying."

Schools already know a complete peanut ban is the only true fail-safe solution to the isolation and bullying of peanut allergic kids -- one which many schools have successfully implemented. WOWBUTTER and the SAFE4SCHOOL Procedure prevent peanut-allergic kids from being singled out and will also reduce the high financial liability risk to the school as well as the physical risk to the child due to peanut anaphylactic shock or even bullying.

Many schools have not implemented a total peanut ban in the past because of objections by parents of non-allergic kids. The widespread availability of WOWBUTTER and its real peanutty taste make the transition to a full peanut ban much easier for schools now that there is a true peanut butter replacement. 

Moms with allergic and non-allergic kids can now pack the school lunch box with WOWBUTTER & Jelly sandwiches or just WOWBUTTER to eat with crackers, carrots, celery or apple slices to provide long lasting energy and nutrition. WOWBUTTER contains the same levels of protein and fiber, plus 1200 mg Omega 3 per 2 tbsp serving. WOWBUTTER addresses the nutrition needs of kids and provides them with the delicious taste of their favourite PB&J's at the same time.

"WOW! TASTES JUST LIKE PEANUT BUTTER!" is available online and at thousands of retailers throughout the US and Canada, as seen on the company's Where to Buy page on its website, The company's mission is to educate school administrators and parents of both allergic and non-allergic children to the seriousness of peanut allergies and to provide a solution for the implementation of complete school peanut butter bans. They also recognize the financial needs of schools with their school donation program

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