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December 26, 2010 03:01 ET

A Quarter of Obese Women Don't Think They Are Overweight

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 26, 2010) - Many women look in the mirror and question whether their bum looks big in their new dress but a new study has revealed that a quarter of overweight women think they don't have a weight problem.

In the study, 2000 women aged between 18 and 25 were questioned about their weight as well as perceptions about their size.

Over half the women were classed as overweight or obese based on their BMI but 25 per cent of these women actually misperceived their body weight believing they were underweight or of normal weight.

The study also found that one in six normal weight women also misperceives their body shape and thinks that they are fat or larger than they actually are.

But UK experts have warned that as the population gets larger, overweight people are seen as the 'norm' which only encourages the denial of the growing obesity epidemic in the UK.

Fears are also mounting for young mothers who are especially at risk of piling on extra weight as they fail to recognise they are still carrying their pregnancy pounds.

Those who are looking to get their body in shape should come for a consultation with an expert bariatric surgeon at The Hospital Group.

David Ross, Chief executive of The Hospital Group, which has 19 clinics across the UK said: "It is worrying to hear that people who are clinically obese don't realise how dangerous their weight is for their health. Besides the risks of high blood pressure there is also a danger of strokes, depression and also diabetes.

"Whilst bariatric surgery isn't an easy way out, and patients have to work with the procedure, it can give long lasting results which can dramatically improve health and allow patients to lead a healthier and much fuller lifestyle.

"And bariatric surgery doesn't just improve your health. It can make you feel and look great as well as restoring confidence."

The Hospital Group offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help people achieve the perfect body, including tummy tucks and liposuction to zap away fat from stubborn areas and breast augmentation and breast uplift for a curvy and womanly shape.

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