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October 01, 2013 06:00 ET

A Simple Solution for Free Drug Samples

Free Sample Medications Have Always Been an Important Aspect of Effective Healthcare; It Is the Management of Free Sample Medications That Has Presented an All-Around Risk, but All That Has Changed With the MedVend Automated Medication Dispenser

WEST BLOOMFIELD, MI--(Marketwired - October 01, 2013) - The practice of dispensing Sample Medications has always been an important part of providing effective healthcare to all patients. Indigent patients greatly benefit from this practice, as well as the fact that therapy can begin at once from the point of care. MedVend's Automated Medication Dispenser (AMD) solves the problem of "informality" in dispensing these samples. Proper management of this process reduces risk to the patient, and the physician.

What the AMD does is provide the solution to: Incomplete patient monitoring, medication tracking (eliminating the possibility of theft), incorrect labeling issues, and strict attention to expiration dates. This facilitates simplicity for the physician to be part of and control this automated method of sample distribution. Darryl Kaplan, CEO of MedVend, stated, "Sample distribution without proper procedures can ultimately harm patients. This is why we have added a sample distribution side to our automated medication dispenser."

MedVend explains that the AMD securely stores samples for distribution by the physician. They simply e-prescribe the sample the same as they currently do any other medication, but now the sample is automatically checked against the Drug Interaction Database as well as the patient's formulary for future reference.

The process exemplifies expeditious point of care to all patients. The sample is logged into the patient's Electronic Medical Records, and the patient is issued a unique PIN number upon check-out. The next step is for the patient to stop at the AMD and enter their date of birth and the PIN number.  In under 60-seconds, the AMD will obtain the sample from its inventory, label it according to the Revised FDA Labeling Standards, take a photo for auditing purposes, and deliver the sample to the patient.

Through the use of its inventory management software, the AMD can retrieve all expired and recalled medications from its inventory, as well as automatically notify the manufacturer(s) when samples run low and track which samples are dispensed most frequently.

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