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April 12, 2012 07:54 ET

A Tale of Two Stocks: SunPeaks Ventures Inc. (SNPK) and SEFE Inc. (SEFE)

NEWARK, DELAWARE--(Marketwire - April 12, 2012) - In the 1850s, legendary author Charles Dickens penned one of history's most poignant and long-lasting comparative novels: A Tale of Two Cities. In today's edition, we bring you: A Tale of Two Stocks.

Our tale starts with two stocks making headlines recently for exciting news, explosive charts, and massive volume: SEFE Inc. (SEFE) and SunPeaks Ventures Inc. (SNPK). Let's take a brief comparison of the two.

SEFE's ascent began March 26th from a starting price of $0.81, and closed yesterday at $1.27, up 57%. At this price, SEFE trades at a market cap of $66 million. SEFE has closed break even, or in the green, 12 out of 12 trading sessions.

SNPK's rise began on March 8th at a starting point of $0.28 and closed yesterday at $1.55, up 453%. At this price, SNPK trades at a market cap of $650 million. SNPK has closed break even, or in the green, 16 out of 23 trading sessions.

SNPK trades at 10x the current market valuation of SEFE. If SEFE were to trade at SNPK's $650 million market cap, the share price would hit $12.44 -- which is a 10-bagger from current PPS (Price Per Share). While $12.44 is a substantial jump from these levels, analysts have assessed a $6.06 target price, which represents a reasonable 377% gain from current prices.

What's the news driving SEFE's upward rise?

By building a strong patent portfolio -- including more than two dozen patents in various stages of the application process -- SEFE has taken an early and possibly insurmountable lead in atmospheric energy. This intellectual property also has implications for the company's valuation: Consider that Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) just spent about $1.1 billion to acquire patents from AOL Inc. (AOL)!

Here's where the two tales could have a different ending. SNPK owns a single OTC multivitamin. SEFE, in contrast, could be a monopoly in the making on an entire new sector of the $6 trillion global energy market.

Which do you think could have the happier ending for investors?

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