December 06, 2011 06:00 ET

A Thorough Home Inspection is the Key to a Comfortable Winter

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2011) - Winter will be here soon. Are you ready? Before the first flakes fall, you should prepare your home for winter with a thorough home inspection. Sure snow tires, a good shovel and a decent pair of gloves will help you survive outdoors but to help ensure continued comfort indoors all season long, you should consider a home inspection, before the frost sets in. This year help secure your home and help protect your investment with a complete winter home inspection.

In a home, few things are maintenance free and so on-going home maintenance is essential. Home inspections are an important part of home maintenance. Many times, visual home inspections performed by licensed home inspectors can help identify certain conditions and detect potential problems before they become serious. Needed repairs your home inspection may help uncover will be much easier to fix before winter hits.

A Home Inspection now can help lower energy costs later

Implementing a few simple improvements after a thorough winter home inspection can also help you to lower your energy bills, help increase the efficiency and lifespan of your home's components, and help make your property more valuable. Your home inspection checklist should ideally include the lot grade and drainage, deck, windows and doors, the sewer, roof and drains and most importantly, the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. Given the fact that heating systems consume nearly 50% of your energy costs, a proper winter home inspection will isolate areas of energy loss and provide energy saving ways to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Secure your property with an AmeriSpec winter Home Inspection

The good news is you don't have to do a home inspection all by yourself. Homeowners across the country explicitly trust AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service for its comprehensive, high quality home inspections.

For over 24 years, AmeriSpec has been providing customers with professional home inspections. AmeriSpec visual home inspections cover more than 400 items including the foundation, roof and structural components, plus visible electrical, plumbing and mechanical operating systems of the property.

Since its inception in 1987, AmeriSpec has conducted over 2 million quality home inspections making it one of the nation's leading home inspection companies. AmeriSpec home inspectors are experienced, well trained, and highly reliable professionals. As part of the certification process, they complete several hours of accredited technical training, and undergo further extensive training consisting of distance learning, classroom instruction, and infield training exercises.

Our home inspectors also offer home energy audits that detail your energy use in an easy-to-read computer generated report. AmeriSpec home inspectors also provide a large variety of specialty services including Radon gas testing, water analysis, mold testing, wood destroying insect inspections, septic testing, carbon monoxide testing, lead based paint testing, new home construction reviews, pool and spa inspections and much more.

For a thorough winter home inspection and assured comfort throughout the season, contact your nearest AmeriSpec location today or visit

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