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August 22, 2013 11:34 ET

A Trip to Central America Gives Students at the Study a New Perspective on Life

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 22, 2013) - Mixing concrete by hand, pushing wheelbarrows, carrying pails, and shovelling all in 38 degree heat, provide more lessons than one would think. Students of The Study did just that on their recent trip to Nicaragua. The Study had the opportunity to volunteer with Canadian non-profit organization Waves of Hope. Situated in northern Nicaragua, Waves of Hope works toward alleviating poverty and creating a better future for the citizens of several communities. Priority is placed on improving educational opportunities, investing in infrastructure, and creating a healthy environment.

"Waves of Hope has a history of working with school groups and it fit our philosophy of student development perfectly," said Jason Krell, principal of The Study. "The community project was a great opportunity for students to explore their place in the world, identify their motivations, and experience the growth that comes with achieving a goal."

The community of Manzanillo is the site of the new high school, scheduled for completion in February 2014. Jamie Collum, co-founder of Waves of Hope said students that come down and volunteer take away an important message.

"The most common thing we find students learn is a different perspective on life in general. We have everything we could ever want back home and they come down here where it's the opposite, where they really have nothing, but the people live a very enriched life," Collum said.

The students also assisted with English lessons by helping the Nicaraguan pupils with their conversational skills. This was done by practicing questions and learning to extend answers into meaningful conversations. More supporting roles were given to the students in helping at the local Kids Club.

"The students showed resiliency and imagination in finding novel approaches to demonstrate skills without a strong verbal interaction," said Krell.

Leisure activities were offered by resort El Coco Loco during the week. Students partook in yoga classes, surfing, horseback riding, and a trip to a volcano on the northern tip of Nicaragua.

The Study has already reserved a spot at Waves of Hope next year to help with a new project. Waves of Hope has confirmed construction on an elementary school beginning in 2014, which will replace the current one that is merely a few wooden posts and a tin roof.

The students gained significant take away lessons from the trip, with the opportunity to see that they matter and that their contributions to the world count.

"The act of building provides a unique platform to illustrate the power of each student to effect change in very profound and exciting ways," Krell said.

The Study is a co-educational day school with a unique approach to education featuring a five to one student to teacher ratio, evidence based teaching, and comprehensive academics.

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