SOURCE: Alpha Software Inc

December 04, 2006 14:30 ET

A1-RES, a New Motel and Hotel Reservation System, Developed Using Alpha Five, PC Magazine's Editors' Choice for Desktop and Web Applications Development, Is Shipping

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA AND BURLINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 4, 2006 -- Alpha One Software has released a new software application for Hotel and Motel reservations: A1-RES.

A1-RES was developed in the acclaimed Alpha Five, the market-leading tool for building both web and desktop database applications quickly and easily.

A1-RES is a full-featured system for accommodation providers including Motels, Hotels, B & B's, Serviced Apartments, Truck/Trailer parks etc. It was developed to address the shortcomings of many commercial Motel/Hotel reservations systems. It provides a full-featured customer management and visual booking system which is both intuitive and easy to learn and increases efficiency in the reservation process.

According to Mike Thomson, CEO of Alpha One Software, A1-RES was built because Alpha One Software's research indicated that virtually all commercial systems require complex setup and are cumbersome to use when recording and managing reservations. As a result, the associated learning curve and training costs make the total cost of ownership (TOC) for these systems very high and beyond the reach of many smaller motel and Bed & Breakfast operators.

A1-RES is simple enough so that most users will rarely consult the manual. It is also priced as low as $199 so it is affordable by even the smallest operators. A1-RES is however designed to be scalable to the needs of larger motels, hotels and RV Parks who require features such as progressive invoicing, group bookings, mapping, email confirmations and extensive reporting.

Mike Bridges from Blue Ridge Passage Resort, Virginia, USA had this to say about A1-RES, "The time it took to check someone in using A1-RES was cut in less than half of the time taken by the previous system. In addition we are thrilled with its ease of use. In fact A1-RES has automated the entire process. It allows us to improve our customer experience because it frees our front desk personnel to talk with the customer while A1-RES does all the work."

Mike Thomson chose Alpha Five for the development of A1-RES because it of its rapid application development cycle and licensing model.

"We are able to produce software in a fraction of the time it would have taken take us in Microsoft Visual Studio and, with Alpha Five we get all the tools we need to develop and deploy our application in one package, including a relational database management engine, visual form and report designer, a very comprehensive programming language, integrated email capabilities and the support of a strong development community.

"With the Alpha Five licensing model, we can deploy sophisticated database driven products free of royalty or per user/seat license costs. In addition we were attracted to Alpha Five because it is the only solution which includes a full featured and integrated web database development platform. With Alpha Five we are able to easily add secure, on-line, real-time reservation handling to our existing A1-RES application. Our next major release of A1-RES will feature this technology."

Alpha Five is making waves as the leading all-in-one rapid application development environment. It has received numerous awards in recent months including: PC Magazine's "Editors' Choice," CRN's "Database of the Year" and PC USER's "Top Buy" award.

With Alpha Five, users can quickly and inexpensively build fully functional desktop and web database applications. Included are flexible report writing, intelligent email, data browsers and a full security framework. A rich programming language and tools like Action Scripting combine ease of use and complete extensibility.

Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, FileMaker, PHP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion all have merit, but none can match the combination of power and simplicity that is the trademark of all Alpha Software solutions.

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