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March 23, 2010 05:01 ET

AA Travel Says a Rise in Petrol Shouldn’t Deter Road Trippers from Purchasing Travel Insurance

BASILDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 23, 2010) - Drivers may have their holidays and journeys marred after the news, according to AA, that the UK appears to be bracing itself for a new, steep increase in the price of petrol. Across the next few weeks, the price of oil is expected to rise to its highest yet at £1.20.

The increase would impact on traditional driving holidays, or camping trips across the UK; domestic holidays aimed at saving money. Depending on the distance to the destination, driving to France, for example, or across the English countryside could now change the holiday budget.

The reason for the rise, it is claimed, lies in the steep increase of wholesale prices of petrol since January of this year. Now, those on the road appear to be paying the price when it comes to long distance journeys and holidays on the road.

In addition to this rise, there were also parliament plans to introduce a cumulative £0.03p to the cost of petrol for UK customers by April 1st, 2010, putting it in place for the holiday season. However, the current news has prompted Alastair Darling to hold back on talks for the time being.

As it stands, customers are already expected to pay £1.16 per litre, and a rise would steepen an already excessive increase. 

Those looking to holiday in the picturesque highlands will find that Scotland's main attractions have prices to rival those in Central London, expensive because of high distribution costs. For example, the price of a litre of unleaded in a part of the Isle of Lewis reached a costly £1.22.8p recently. 

With all this added cost to the holiday, some may be influenced to cut costs in other ways, like their travel insurance.

AA Travel Insurance did say that those heading for the road should not attempt to cut back their budget by scrimping on such a vital product, and to look at their site for travel insurance that won't be as costly as customers might assume. 

A spokesperson for the company said, "These reports are a blow to those who holiday by car and utilise UK destinations for a more economical holiday. However, to overlook travel insurance on any holiday, domestic or abroad, in order to save money, could cost more if you are not protected by a policy that pays out in the case of loss, or theft."

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