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March 10, 2008 06:00 ET

AAA Energy Inc. Reviews LiJiaWa Moly Prospect

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - March 10, 2008) - AAA Energy Inc. (OTCBB: AAAE) (FRANKFURT: AAV) (WKN: A0MUFJ) is pleased to provide an initial geological review of the LiJiaWa molybdenum prospect, one of the China molybdenum prospects visited in a recent trip to China by its President Dr. Earl Abbott (see news release dated December 12, 2007).

Located in Shaanxi Province, China, the LiJiaWa Prospect is about 135 kilometers east of the city of Xi'an. It can be reached by traveling east from Xi'an along a system of highways and paved roads to within 3 kilometers of the prospect.

Regional Geology

LiJiaWa lies in the Qinling-Dabie orogenic belt formed in the Mesozoic Era by the collision of the Yangtze craton and the North China craton creating a terrain several hundred kilometers long of complex geology and extensive mineralization. This period of orogenic activity accounts for China's largest molybdenum deposits, 75% of China's gold production, at least 50% of China's copper production, the largest tungsten deposits in the world, and significant deposits of a host of other metals. All of this mineralization is the result of granitoid bodies that were episodically intruded between 220 and 140 million years ago.

LiJiaWa is within a portion of the Qinling Mineral Belt called the Xiao-Qin-Ling Metallurgical Belt where China's two largest molybdenum mines are located. The Jinduicheng Molybdenum Mine, in far western Shaanxi Province, produces 25 million pounds of molybdenum per year while China Molybdenum produces 24 million pounds of molybdenum per year from its mine at Luanchuan in eastern Henan Province. LiJiaWa is about 20 kilometers east of the Jinduicheng Mine. The source of the molybdenum, lead, and zinc that are mined in this area is believed to be granitic bodies about 140 million years old that intrude metamorphic rocks of the Neo-Proterozoic Era 800 to 600 million years old.

Property Geology

Rocks occurring on the property are volcanic and sedimentary rocks of Neo-Proterozoic age that have been metamorphosed to amphibolite grade and are now very fine-grained biotite schist. Metamorphism has resulted in the destruction of any original bedding or other depositional features resulting in a metamorphic foliation that trends northwest-southeast. Mesozoic age igneous rocks intrude the above metamorphic rocks in the central part of the property. A west-northwest trending granite porphyry stock, about 1,500 meters long 700 meters wide is the youngest igneous body on the property. It intrudes a larger area of syenite porphyry. Diabase dikes of unknown age also intrude the metamorphic rocks.

A total of four different sets of faults that cross-cut each other are known on the property. They trend from west-northwest to northeast and to northwest. All of the faults dip steeply north.

A total of 19 trenches are depicted on maps produced by the previous operators. Results of mapping and sampling of four of the trenches as well as drilling and sampling of 8 holes for a total of nearly 3,350 meters were evaluated and will be discussed in future news releases.

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