November 10, 2015 08:45 ET

AAMCO Franchise Improves Franchisee Satisfaction

Iconic Auto Repair Franchise Helps Franchisees Maximize Profitability Through Upgraded Support and New Lines of Service

HORSHAM, PA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2015) - For half a century, the iconic AAMCO brand has been a dynamic part of American car culture. With nearly 700 auto repair locations across the country, AAMCO is the rare, time-tested legacy brand that is both committed to innovation and trusted by the American consumer. AAMCO is so successful because it continually invests in its franchisees to ensure that they know every aspect of their business to maximize their level of profitability.

While AAMCO doesn't require its owners to have automotive experience before partnering with the brand, it is of paramount importance that the brand is perceived as the industry's technical experts in Total Car Care -- just as it is perceived the experts in transmission repair. AAMCO's expertise in fixing the most complicated part of the car has made the brand a household name for the past 50 years. Now, with AAMCO's Total Car Care offering, its franchise owners are poised to capture an outsized share of the $62 billion general automotive repair market.

AAMCO stays ahead of the competition
How does AAMCO turn entrepreneurs into savvy, skilled, and passionate auto repair franchise owners? Enter AAMCO University.

"AAMCO University is a significant investment in our owners and their employees," said Brett Ponton, President and CEO of AAMCO. "We want to make certain that we have the best-trained franchise owners and center managers in the industry. We also want to maintain and develop the best-trained technicians in the industry to solve the problems consumers are going to have with their vehicles in modern-day driving America."

At AAMCO University, the brand's auto repair franchise owners and their teams of technicians receive 250 hours of training, as well as 200 hours of online coursework in every aspect of their business. Training subjects range from customer care to center growth strategies, leadership to quality control and key performance indicators, and more. The brand's top-of-the-line programs and equipment have provided consistent benefit to franchisees, staff, and loyal customers who trust the AAMCO name like no other in the automotive world. Franchise owners can work with our expert instructors in more than 300 courses ranging from basic shop safety to master-level diagnostics and transmission rebuilding. These modules are offered in classroom, online, and interactive settings.

AAMCO franchise opportunity offers multiple revenue streams
AAMCO is already heralded far and wide as the leading brand for transmission work. To help its franchise owners get a bigger slice of the general automotive repair market, which generates $62 billion a year in sales according to IBISWorld research, AAMCO recently launched its "Trust" campaign to expand the public's perception of the services it offers. After all, if AAMCO is trusted to fix the most complicated part of a car, its technicians can surely change customers' oil, fix their brakes, and rotate their tires.

For Joe Zambri, owner of an auto repair franchise in Toronto, Canada, the opportunity for multiple revenue streams sets the AAMCO brand apart:

"I think what sets AAMCO apart from our competitors is that we have been able to piggyback a new revenue stream with Total Car Care and grow that slowly and steadily, while maintaining our core revenue stream from transmission repair, which has a high margin," Zambri said. "In a way, we have evolved into a hybrid model -- we have diversified enough to bring in more revenue and lifelong customers, but we have not gone too far away from our core expertise in transmission repair."

AAMCO's business model helps our franchisees win customers for life
One of the biggest positives in partnering with a nationally known brand is that the groundwork is already laid. AAMCO has spent decades establishing itself as a preeminent brand, and franchisees benefit from that legacy the day they open their doors.

The public's trust of AAMCO is especially important in the quest for winning customers for life. AAMCO calculates that the average automobile customer will spend $54,036 on repair during the time they own and operate a car. If that customer has two vehicles -- and most households have two vehicles or more -- that amount doubles. Even though the average transmission rebuild costs a customer about $2,500, total spending on transmission work is a small fraction of car care spending. Most people only consider replacing a transmission on a vehicle once, but they get oil changes, brake work, and tune-ups continually. The bulk of that $54,000-per-customer lifetime spending goes toward other repair services.

"At AAMCO, we are very well positioned to win the automotive aftermarket," Ponton said. "Our goal going forward is to maintain our leadership position for transmissions, while focusing on building lifetime relationships with our customers through providing expert service for all automotive services. Providing an expert level of service over all automotive services allows us to build relationships with our customers for life. As a result, we will build long-term business value for our franchisees."

For Wayne Martella, owner of three auto repair franchise locations in Arizona, the brand's expertise in transmissions means that he will always have customers visiting his centers.

"What I like about AAMCO and the transmission business is that as cars evolve, any power that happens in the car has to go through transmission to the tires to make the cars go," Martella said. "I will always have cars to fix. To make the wheels turn, there has to be a transmission involved, and that's us."

Costs and fees of owning an AAMCO transmission franchise
With nearly 700 centers across North America, AAMCO is actively seeking single- and multi-unit operators who are passionate about the brand and committed to providing the highest-quality service. Interested candidates should have a minimum net worth of $250,000 and liquid assets of at least $65,000 per unit. Depending on the real estate site selected, franchisees can expect the total investment to be $227,400-$333,000, with a $39,500 initial franchise fee. Reduced franchise fees are available for honorably discharged veterans.

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