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September 16, 2008 07:15 ET

Abaca Achieves Unmatched 99.997 Percent Accuracy in Real-World Anti-Spam Evaluation Conducted by The Tolly Group

Abaca Email Protection Gateway and ReceiverNet Service Breaks New Ground in Anti-Spam Accuracy

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - Abaca Technology Corporation, an innovator in email protection and messaging security, today announced that the Abaca Email Protection Gateway™ EPG 1000 with the ReceiverNet™ Premium Service achieved 99.997 percent accuracy in a real-world evaluation conducted by The Tolly Group, a leading global provider of third-party validation services for IT products.

"The results of The Tolly Group's third-party evaluation of the Abaca Email Protection Gateway and ReceiverNet Service are absolutely conclusive. Abaca has established a level of accuracy previously assumed unobtainable in the email security industry," said Leo Jolicoeur, CEO of Abaca Technology Corporation. "Our solution is fast approaching 100 percent accuracy in blocking spam, viruses, and phishing attacks without compromising legitimate message delivery (false positives). Conventional anti-spam solutions offer lower levels of accuracy and simply can't meet customer requirements as spam volumes and email security threats continue to grow."

During The Tolly Group's evaluation, the Abaca Email Protection Gateway EPG 1000 and ReceiverNet Premium Service processed a total of 292,051 inbound email messages. The Abaca solution correctly identified 289,868 of 289,877 inbound spam messages -- an impressive spam filtering accuracy rate of 99.997 percent. Only nine false negatives were reported out of the 292,051 total messages processed, which translates to an extremely low 0.003 percent margin of error when detecting spam.

The Abaca Email Protection Gateway EPG 1000 and the ReceiverNet Premium Service reported just four false positives out of 289,877 total spam messages received -- a false positive rate of only 0.184 percent.

Visit Email Protection Gateway.pdf for the test summary.

"Within the first 24 hours of installing the Abaca solution, our engineers experienced accuracy rates that exceeded any independently verified results we have conducted to date," said Kevin Tolly, president, CEO and founder of The Tolly Group. "Our hands-on evaluation shows that the Abaca Email Protection Gateway and ReceiverNet Service is highly effective at guarding against false positives and ensuring very low levels of false negatives."

Abaca commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the effectiveness of the Abaca Email Protection Gateway EPG 1000 appliance with the ReceiverNet Premium Service at blocking spam, viruses and phishing attacks. Tolly Group engineers deployed the Abaca appliance in their corporate network as the only email protection gateway for spam and virus filtering. The Tolly Group's firewall was configured to route all incoming email traffic through the Abaca appliance before delivering it to their corporate email server. The test was conducted with an active stream of email messages in a live corporate setting to provide a real-world evaluation of the Abaca solution.

In addition to evaluating the effectiveness of Abaca's Email Protection Gateway and the ReceiverNet Service, The Tolly Group also assessed the solution's ease of management and use. Tolly Group engineers were able to install and configure the Abaca appliance into their corporate network environment and initialize the ReceiverNet Service in less than an hour with the assistance of Abaca's technical support team. Once configured, the Abaca solution required none of the tuning or time-consuming management typically associated with conventional email security solutions. Abaca's solution also includes several features designed to simplify email account management. Tolly Group end users found Abaca's solution extremely easy to use and saved valuable time managing their email.

"By measuring the real-world performance of the Abaca Email Protection Gateway and the ReceiverNet Service using realistic email traffic patterns, The Tolly Group has validated the enormous value our solution brings to businesses and organizations that need to protect their email networks from spam and other email-born attacks," said Leo Jolicoeur, CEO of Abaca Technology Corporation.

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Abaca Technology Corporation is an innovator in email protection and messaging security. Abaca's patent-pending technology, ReceiverNet™, offers an advanced approach in the fight against spam -- providing unprecedented levels of accuracy and guaranteeing 99 percent spam filtration. Abaca has created a portfolio of innovative products and services based upon this core technology, thereby assuring users unparalleled messaging protection from spam, as well as viruses and phishing attacks. Abaca is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information about Abaca, please visit

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