Abattis Biologix Corporation

Abattis Biologix Corporation

February 17, 2012 13:48 ET

Abattis Announces Launch of the World's First Painless Flu Shot

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 17, 2012) - Abattis Biologix Corporation (CNSX:FLU) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that it will sponsor and present in the 20th Annual Wellness Show, which will take place on 17, 18 & 19 of February, 2012 at the Vancouver Convention Center. Abattis will be present at booth #414/416 and will hold key presentations during this event including "Hot News for Cold Weather" presented by Dr. John Baumann, MD.

The Company also announces the launch of www.FastFluShot.com the world's first Painless Flu Shot. So unique, it has a US Patent titled "Method of preventing and treating avian influenza in humans".

This year marks the 20th year that health conscious people -- throughout North America and beyond - come to The Wellness Show to learn the most recent news on how to stay well. That's why Abattis Biologix, the Vancouver-based, up-and-coming Biotech Company, is proud to sponsor one of the most interesting workshops this year. No one will want to miss out on hearing the latest scientific evidence and nutritional findings about natural ways to enhance the body's natural defences, not only during the cold & flu season, but ALL year round! Medical Doctor, and Wellness specialist, Dr. John Baumann, MD, reveals it all.

In the presentation entitled "A Storm on the Horizon: How to Educate Our Immune System to Fight the Flu", Dr. Baumann will begin with a simple Q & A session with the audience on how the immune system works. During this workshop, all attendees will learn an impressive mix of basic immune system workings, along with the newest nutritional stars that shine for helping to teach our immune system how to be smart. More information can be found at the Sponsor's booth, #414/416.

Dr. Baumann states: "Typically, the human immune system vanquishes viral invaders, or neutralizes their ability to spread. In either case, the virus is eliminated from our body. This happens every day. But, some viruses are resistant to a strong immune system. The battle intensifies as a strong but unwise immune system escalates inflammation at the cost of healthy tissues. This creates a "Cytokine Storm" that can destroy our lungs - all from an immune system that is strong but not smart."

Given the time of year, this is the ideal time and place to come learn more about how to help yourself and your family stay healthy all year long.

Mike Withrow, CEO, states, "Abattis is moving forward on a targeted expansion path right now, and has many new products in development with plans for release in the near future. Our team of experts is sharply focused on creating additional unique formulations, with innovative delivery systems, in the areas of Anti Aging, Women's and Children's Health, Micro Nutrient Fortification, Cognitive Health, as well as Histamine and Anti-Inflammatory Solutions." For more information, visit www.fastflushot.com and call 1-888-538-6650.

About Dr. John Baumann

Dr. Baumann, with an MD from the Duke University School of Medicine, and a specialty in Internal Medicine from the University of Texas, has a very rich history. He has been a practicing Medical Doctor actively involved with innovative, successful patient care in hospitals and wellness clinics, an authority in natural medicines, as well as teaching and consulting for more than 30 years. Two of his claims to fame include his service as a Sports Medicine expert working with athletes: As the Medical Consultant to the San Francisco 49ers, and the prestigious position as Chief Medical Officer for the Santa Barbara, CA Olympic Village during the 1984 Olympics.

About Abattis Biologix Corporation

Abattis Biologix Corporation is a specialty bio-technology life sciences company that has acquired intellectual property, conducts research, and works to develop proprietary health and wellness solutions that address chronic illnesses and disease in animals and humans through proprietary and patent pending formulations. The company has identified targeted channels to market and license proprietary patent pending products throughout the world.


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