Abba Medix Group Inc.

Abba Medix Group Inc.

July 28, 2015 07:30 ET

Abba Medix Group Releases Letter to Shareholders

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 28, 2015) - Abba Medix Group Inc. (CSE:ABA), released the following open letter to shareholders today:

Dear Shareholders,

I want to personally thank you for your investment in Abba Medix Group Inc. Since becoming a reporting issuer in March 2015, Abba has been very active in fulfilling its plan to be one of the clear market leaders in the fast-growing medical marijuana industry. It is Abba's vision to become a fully integrated medical cannabis producer, in all its forms, as an authorized reseller and direct to patients under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

In the last quarter Abba Medix has taken several bold steps to demonstrate its commitment and dedication to building the company's brand into one of the category's leaders. Here are the highlights:

  • With the pending acquisition of RedeCan Pharm and its fully secured, 15,000 square-foot Niagara, Ont. greenhouse, Abba will become one of 17 companies that are active Health Canada-licensed producers and distributors of medical marijuana. Having obtained its medical marijuana license in July 2014, RedeCan was awarded its sales license in March 2015. Abba Medix's Health Canada license for its Pickering, Ont. facility is currently awaiting approval.

  • The decision to agree to acquire Blow Canada's assets including its U.S. subsidiary, Blow Vapor Inc. acquisition looks even more prescient in light of the Supreme Court of Canada's decision on alternative medical marijuana products and delivery systems. This ruling requires Health Canada to implement regulations to create the safe, regulatory environment allowing Canadians and their doctors to decide which medical marijuana delivery system is right for them. As mentioned in previous press releases, Abba and Blow Vapor entered into a memorandum of understanding, with the acquisition still pending.

Blow Vapor manufactures, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and vaporizers. Abba has been working on the vaporizer technology with Blow Vapor. The liquid delivery system is ready to go with work being done on dosage metering capacity. Abba is committed to offering a premium and preferred method of marijuana delivery system in oil form. Abba will be ready to ship promptly after receiving Health Canada's approval on the RedeCan facility.

As mentioned previously, this opens the door to non-smoking alternatives for the delivery of medical marijuana's benefits for Canadians. Abba is delighted that Canadians registered to receive medical marijuana will be allowed to choose how to take their medicine including products such as cannabis-infused oils, capsules and vaporizers.

In other important developments, Abba Medix:

  • On July 6, 2015, signed a referral agreement with GrowWise Health Limited in which RedeCan Pharm, a pending acquisition, will offer its medical cannabis to GrowWise Health patients. Abba strongly believes that physician education is the key to a widespread acceptance of this new Canadian industry. GrowWise provides educational and professional support services to MMPR-authorized medical cannabis patients as the MMPR prescription fulfillment process unfortunately excludes pharmacists, with patients not enjoying the same level of health care professional support as do other patients.

  • Engaged Jacob Securities Inc. for proposed strategic and advisory services, with Jacob appointed as the exclusive agent in connection with strategic and operational development of the Abba platform, after market support and future capital raising efforts on a best efforts basis.

  • Granted stock options under its stock option plan. An aggregate of 450,000 stock options were provided to Company directors, with each such stock option entitling the holders thereof to acquire one Abba Medix common share at an exercise price of $0.46 for a period of five years. The stock options vest after a period of twelve months as of June 5, 2015.

  • Launched a new website and brand identity. Abba believes its new brand will resonate with both the marketplace and our shareholders. It clearly represents what Abba stands for today and our vision for the future. Abba will be featuring its vision for the future positioning of not only new legal marijuana delivery systems but also vapor delivery, the challenge of edibles and infusions, cross-border investing and trading, industry consolidation, patient intake initiatives, and research and development.

On behalf of the company and the Board of Directors, we thank our shareholders for all their support and confidence in us. We look forward to making further announcements and sharing them with you in the near future.

With best wishes,

Ahmad (Ray) Rasouli, President and CEO

About Abba Medix Group

Abba Medix Group Inc. (CSE:ABA) is a purveyor of fine Canadian medical marijuana, accessories, events and news. The Company intends to become a marketplace leader through strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions to create a fully-integrated, Canadian medical marijuana marketplace. Abba's mission is to find and acquire strong marijuana related businesses, product companies, organizational event sponsorships, and research and development opportunities.

Upon completion of its acquisition of RedeCan, Abba will be a licensed medical marijuana grower and sales agent, authorized to supply Canadian patients.

For more information on Abba Medix Group Inc., please visit For more information on RedeCan, visit and on Blow Vapor, visit

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