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December 23, 2008 09:52 ET

Abbott Laboratories Wins DM Review 2008 Innovative Solutions Award With Kalido-Driven Data Warehouse

Health Care Provider Maintains Global Leadership and Improves Business Practices With International Data Warehouse Solution

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - December 23, 2008) -

--  Kalido, the active information management company, congratulates
    Abbott Laboratories for winning DM Review's 2008 Innovative Solutions Award
    in the data warehousing category for its implementation of a financial and
    sales data warehouse that allows flexible information management as the
    company extended its global reach.
--  DM Review's annual award recognizes companies that have implemented
    innovative technology solutions that provide quantifiable business value.
--  The data warehouse solution, based on the Kalido Information
    Engine™, provides Abbott managers with a single version of the truth,
    despite the company's multiple and distributed systems containing global

The Data Warehouse Impact

--  The Kalido® data warehouse incorporated three main dimensions of
    information -- product, location and time -- into approximately 300
    measures in only six months.
--  Abbott managers can map data to its business needs, not to the
    technology structure, enabling the company to keep information accurate and
    up to date.
--  Information management continuously adapts to the dynamic business and
    integrates with Abbott's single sign-on internal portal, and provides users
    with information in graphic form that is always up to date, easy to access
    and personalized for their specific business need.
--  Previously, more than 250 users were manually typing sales figures
    into rogue spreadsheets to create their own dashboards with metrics. Now
    the data warehouse system provides 23 easy-to-use interactive graphical
    views, supported by 20 drill-through reports.
--  Management reports are delivered in 70 percent less time and users
    have access to 20 charts and 19 reports, as compared to only four charts
    and four reports per the previous system.


Peggy Mathias, director HQ IT applications for Abbott Laboratories, said:
--  "Abbott requires both speed and accuracy in information management as a
    leading global company, and we are happy to have found that in the
    Kalido data warehouse solution. The new system truly caters to our
    specific business needs. It has improved business processes while
    guaranteeing consistent, high-quality data."

Julie Langenkamp, editor-in-chief of DM Review, said:
--  "Success in information management depends heavily on the ability to
    meet the needs of the business. Abbott's project exemplified how
    business user involvement can be key to delivering a flexible solution
    that can adapt to business change. While business-IT synergy is much
    discussed, it's rarely executed well, which is why we wanted to honor
    Abbott Laboratories for their data warehouse implementation."

Bill Hewitt, president and CEO of Kalido, said:
--  "Abbott's success is a prime example of how enterprises in any industry
    can benefit from improving their information management infrastructure,
    no matter how large or distributed it is. The sheer volume of
    information within organizations is intimidating enough, and we commend
    Abbott for its ability to harness data to make actionable business

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