Miranda Technologies Inc.

Miranda Technologies Inc.

September 15, 2008 09:20 ET

ABC Television Selects Miranda Signal Processing and Monitoring System for New HD Central Switching Center (CSC) in New York

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Sept. 15, 2008) - Miranda Technologies Inc. (TSX:MT) announced that ABC Television has placed a major order for Miranda signal processing and monitoring equipment for the new HD Central Switching Center (CSC) facility in New York, which will be the primary central routing and signal processing installation for all of ABC's inbound feeds, internal routing and distribution, and quality control monitoring.

'One of the big challenges of this project was simplifying the complexity of ABC's incoming feed system for the team of operators, especially as they're often working under the pressure of live events and breaking news', said Michel Proulx, CTO at Miranda Technologies. 'Our system addresses this using a new and advanced GUI based control panel, which has been highly adapted for the functions of the Central Switching Center.'

The signal processing is based on Miranda's new XVP-3901 single card 3Gbps/HD/SD video and audio processor. XVP processors will be used for converting and conditioning feeds from ABC's Washington DC news bureau, the studios at Time Square, along with other news and special events feeds arriving on satellite and fiber links. In addition to correcting level and delay issues, the processors will perform Dolby E decoding and up/down/cross conversion with independent HD/3Gbs and SD outputs.

'There will be hundreds of cards in this system but our new remote control panel will provide fast access to individual cards, and will show only what is most relevant to a specific operator', added Proulx.

Alongside these remote control panels, each operator station will also include a Miranda iControl monitoring desktop, which provides a highly graphical view of the signal path, along with streaming video and status information about each device in the chain. The iControl system will help operators identify any problems, and also serve as a powerful QC tool by displaying an audio/video waveform for the signal being processed.

The New York facility will include a large video monitoring wall, based on 20 large flat panel displays fed by Kaleido-X multi-viewers. The monitor wall will display 300 sources, selected from approximately 800 available signals. The Kaleido-X system will be tightly integrated with a large matrix router, which will allow the monitor wall system to sense router assignments and display assignment names. The monitor wall will also display alarms and signal processor status information, such as abnormally high gain and delay settings.

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