October 25, 2006 08:30 ET

ABCSearch Launches ClickShield™ to End Threat of Click Fraud for Pay-Per-Click Search Advertisers

Adds Affiliate IDs and Sub IDs to Block Bad Referring URLs

SHERMAN OAKS, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 25, 2006 -- ABCSearch, the world's largest privately held Meta search engine, today announced that it has launched ClickShield™, giving pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers an end to the threat of click fraud. Online advertisers lost hundreds of millions of dollars to click fraud in 2005, according to Outsell Inc. As a result many lost faith in online advertising and reduced search spending with Google, Yahoo and others.

"It is important to us that advertising dollars go towards converting traffic, instead of being wasted on fruitless clicks," states Daniel Yomtobian, CEO of ABCSearch. "By monitoring our network traffic patterns, we block the traffic advertisers should not be paying for, Period."

ClickShield™ is patent-pending software that optimizes all ABCSearch network traffic in real time, ensuring all clicks are scrubbed against fraudulent activities based on natural user behavior patterns and other proprietary methods.

"We have been testing ABCSearch for about 6 weeks and so far our experience has been a successful one," said David Wright, Senior Manager with the online dating site "Their customer service is responsive and understands our conversion metrics."

"With ABCSearch, we do not have to worry about click fraud," adds Amanda Nuckolls, MonsterMarketplace Account Manager, MonsterCommerce, a Network Solutions company. "We're able to avoid spending a great deal of time looking for spammy sites because ABCSearch is automatically optimizing our account for that."

ClickShield™ is propriety fraud monitoring software customized specifically for the ABCSearch network of advertisers. Other networks may use 3rd party software, but such technologies only begin to scratch the surface of their traffic quality. If ClickShield™ identifies fraudulent traffic, the clicks are not charged to the advertiser and the traffic source is flagged for administrative review.

Yomtobian adds, "In addition to our stringent measures for fraud prevention, we encourage all advertisers and partners to maintain open communication with our excellent support staff to ensure our traffic is of the highest quality and standard."

ABCSearch also has a large distribution network comprised of many different traffic channels. However, not all distribution channels produce the same results and conversions for all advertisers. In order to ensure that advertisers receive the most qualified traffic, ABCSearch allows them to block the channels that do not work. ABCSearch passes through an affiliate ID which can be found within the referring URL in your click logs.

"If I'm noticing any non-converting traffic from a particular affiliate, ABCSearch can just disable that Sub ID, which no other search engine can do," states Alex Benyukhis, CEO, "With other engines, I might get 1,000 clicks and 2 conversions. Since ABCSearch can discern which sources are good and bad, I can reduce the clicks as low as 100 clicks for the same 2 conversions, which has helped my ROI increase big time because with ABCSearch I'm only attracting traffic from partners that have human visitors."


ABCSearch, a subsidiary of Internext Media Corp., is a world leader in online cost-per-click advertising and the architect of a network of targeted search engines and niche-specific directories which serves over 2 billion searches a month. The company delivers affordable pricing and a cadre of services to every client, and the most relevant, high quality search results to every end-user.

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