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February 09, 2012 10:05 ET

Aberdeen Publishes ERP, IT Infrastructure, and Service Management Research Reports

Research Examines Manufacturing ERP, Manufacturing Operations Management, Big Data Storage, Service Workforce Availability

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Feb 9, 2012) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Enterprise Applications, IT Infrastructure, and Service Management research practices.

"ERP in Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing," prepared by Kevin Prouty, Vice President and Group Director of Aberdeen's Enterprise Applications research practice, examines how manufacturers that support aerospace and defense (A&D) industries have always been a hybrid of driving IT usage while still using very manual data collection and reporting processes. Over 97% of A&D respondents to Aberdeen's ERP survey, conducted June 2011 to December 2011, use some form of ERP. This indicates nearly universal adoption as overall ERP use by manufacturing was around 85%. Additionally, thirty-four percent of A&D manufacturers have measured reductions in operational costs, 52% have reported reduced inventory costs, and 31% have reported increased profits. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report visit:

"ERP in Food and Beverage Manufacturing," also by Kevin Prouty examines how food and beverage manufacturers have the same financial and transactional needs that drive other companies to develop ERP strategies. However, they also must contend with severe regulatory and compliance issues, as well as perishable inventory. Relying on an ERP strategy that only addresses certain financial and transactional capabilities is missing an opportunity to use ERP to relieve some of the regulatory burden and also improve operational performance. According to research data, 50% of leaders have measured reductions in time-to-decision, 40% have reported reduced waste, and 50% have reported increased profits. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, provided in part by JustFood ERP and Plex Systems, visit:

Finally, also from Kevin Prouty, "Manufacturing Operations Management in the Process Industries 2012," examines how process companies operate, and the impact of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems on their operations. The report also provides a roadmap for process manufacturers to successfully achieve greater operational efficiency, introduce new products faster to market and greater profits. To obtain a complimentary copy, visit:

"Three Must-Have Storage Tools for Managing Big Data," authored by Dick Csaplar, Senior Research Analyst for Aberdeen's IT Infrastructure/Storage and Virtualization research practice found that on average, data storage requirements grew at 35% at companies of all sizes between 2010 and 2011. Data growth was the fastest at large enterprises, organizations with over $1B in revenue, with growth reported at 44%. With growth rates this large, companies must manage their storage, rather than simply acquiring larger storage devices. This report highlights three storage tools that make managing big data easier: storage virtualization, to make managing storage devices simpler; data deduplication and compression, to make files, on average, 31% smaller; and storage tiering, to reduce the cost of the storage media. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report visit:

"Field Service 2012: The Right Technician," authored by Sumair Dutta, Research Director for the Aberdeen Service Management research practice, revealed that leading service organizations were keenly focused on ensuring the availability of the right service workforce with the right field service tools to drive productivity rates, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. For these organizations, tactical excellence via scheduling was supported by a strategic focus on demand forecasting and resource planning as well as an ever increasing interest in workforce compensation and engagement strategies. As a result, leading organizations were significantly outperforming their counterparts in key operational, financial, and customer-facing metrics. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, made available in part by IFS and Cognito, visit:

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