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October 11, 2011 10:05 ET

Aberdeen Publishes Storage, Virtualization, Product Innovation, Telecomm, GSM, Finance Research

Research Examines Storage Tiering, Embedded Software, Wireless Expense Management, Contingent Workforce Management, and Financial Reporting Standards

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Oct 11, 2011) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Storage and Virtualization, Product Innovation and Engineering, Telecomm and Unified Communications, Global Supply Management, and Financial Management and GRC research practices.

"Reduce the Cost of Storage with Tiering," prepared by Dick Csaplar, Senior Research Analyst for the Aberdeen Storage and Virtualization/IT Infrastructure research practice, presents how companies that have implemented storage tiering are gaining both operational and financial advantages. Top performing organizations that are using storage tiering indicate they are saving at least 25% on the cost of the Tier 2 storage media. These organizations also progress their data across their storage tiers faster than Industry Average or Laggard organizations. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, please visit:

"Embedded Software: The Future of Innovation in Tomorrow's Products," a research study authored by Michelle Boucher, Senior Research Analyst for the Aberdeen Product Innovation and Engineering research practice, finds the amount of embedded software in new products has increased by 18% over the last two years. The report identifies improvements to the embedded software development process that enable companies to bring new products to market offering superior customer experience, reduced cost, all delivered in less time. Companies must consider new product development challenges such as evolving requirements within a framework of fixed deadlines and cost targets, and increasing complexity of both code and the final product. Companies that are most successful addressing embedded software challenges release 88% of products on time, ensure 89% of feature requirements from the project kickoff make it into the product, and meet 89% of their cost targets. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, please visit:

"Wireless Expense Management: Control International Roaming and the BYOD Revolution," authored by Hyoun Park, Research Analyst for the Aberdeen Telecomm and Unified Communications research practice, examines how organizations address the top challenges associated with containing mobile costs. As mobility has become a core aspect of enterprise IT, organizations have struggled with the increasing cost structure of mobile devices and services. However, cost reductions are attainable through appropriate strategies to manage top pain points such as international roaming and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The top 20% of companies surveyed (Aberdeen's Best-in-Class) averaged $58 per user per month through a centralized and managed program while the bottom 30% (Aberdeen's Laggards) averaged $96 per user per month because of their lack of control and poor decisions. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report made available in part by Mobilsense, Tangoe and Comview Corporation, please visit:

The research study "Independent Contractor Engagement and Management" written by Christopher Dwyer, Senior Research Analyst, Global Supply Management, tracks the evolution of contingent workforce management and perhaps its most significant aspect: the sharp rise in utilization of independent contractors and consultants. The new report finds that nearly 30% of the contingent workforce is comprised of ICs, and although there are significant benefits associated with leveraging ICs, there many challenges prevalent in nearly every business when engaging, managing and leveraging ICs. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, please visit:

"Enterprise GRC Management and the Impact of Global Reporting Standards: ROI Evaluation, Business Outcomes, and Recommendations," authored by William Jan, Senior Analyst for the Aberdeen Financial Management & GRC research practice, uncovers how financial executives view effective compliance and risk management as a way to address filing requirements and capitalize on opportunities for overall corporate growth. Best-in-Class organizations understand that customers and partners will always choose to work with a company possessing lower liabilities, that being aggressive in building a business is about taking risks, and with an effective risk management structure in place a company can essentially be bolder in addressing new market opportunities. Finally, compliance is crucial in establishing new grounds for business, such as global or regional expansion - which requires companies to meet strict guidelines to conduct business. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report, please visit:

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