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INETCO Systems Limited

July 16, 2008 09:00 ET

Aberdeen Report Validates INETCO Insight Business Transaction Intelligence Approach to Application Performance Management

Report finds Best-in-Class enterprises significantly improve quality of end-user experience by focusing on real-time performance of customer facing applications

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 16, 2008) - INETCO Systems Limited, a leading provider of business transaction intelligence software, received further validation this month from new research published by the Aberdeen Group. The report, entitled "Application Performance Management: The Lifecycle Approach Brings IT and Business Together", was sponsored in part by INETCO and concludes that Best-in-Class organizations treat proactive application performance management as a major component of the corporate enterprise strategy for meeting top business goals such as revenue growth, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and profitability.

"Application performance issues could impact corporate revenues by up to 9%, or an average of $117 million annually," said Bojan Simic, Research Analyst of Aberdeen Group. "Real-time transaction intelligence and analytics, such as that provided by the INETCO Insight solution, will play an increasingly critical role in the support of Best-in-Class enterprise practices and their ability to proactively isolate and fix application issues before end-users or revenue streams are impacted."

Aberdeen surveyed over 200 organizations between May and June of 2008 to examine best practices for managing application performance. The research shows that application performance issues have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and brand recognition.

Confirming what INETCO has found with many of its customers, Aberdeen also discovered that 57% of companies surveyed currently lack the ability to identify application performance issues before end-users are impacted. This is being attributed to increasingly complex network infrastructures involving advanced applications, virtualization, SOA, and SaaS that are resulting in the growing need for proactive, end-to-end network visibility and granular transaction intelligence technologies.

Aberdeen further concludes that Best-in-Class organizations are considerably more successful in dealing with these challenges than the Industry Average and Laggard categories, due to their utilization of revolutionary intelligence technologies such as INETCO Insight:

- Best-in-Class report an average 11.4-times improvement in application response times as compares to 2% improvement for Laggard organizations.

- Best-in-Class organizations are 5 times more likely to report improvements in preventing application performance issues before end-users are impacted as compared to all others.

- Best-in-Class organizations are 5 times more likely to report improvements in the quality of end-user experience as compared to all others.

- Best-in-Class organizations are three times more likely to reduce the time to troubleshoot application performance issues as compared to Laggards.

"This research re-asserts that the performance of customer facing applications is significantly impacting the metrics that CEOs and CFOs care about the most," said Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO. "INETCO Insight's transaction intelligence will become essential as organizations get ready to consider application performance not only from the perspective of their IT departments, but also from the end-user experience."

INETCO Insight is the first out-of-the-box solution that provides real-time intelligence into business transactions - the millions of different requests and responses that travel across the network between end users and customer facing application components such as ATMs, POS terminals, kiosks, and web-based applications. With INETCO Insight, IT departments can see how each customer facing application is responding, how upstream providers are processing, and how every transaction is behaving as it flows across the entire, end-to-end, complex IT infrastructure. INETCO Insight will help Best-in-Class enterprises to confidently guarantee the performance of business critical processes, payment revenue streams, and the end customer experience while freeing up engineering cycles to focus on other tasks aimed at driving revenue and building customer retention.

To illustrate the use of business transaction intelligence to help monitor the performance of customer facing applications, Aberdeen's research summary also includes a case study of INETCO customer Virgin Entertainment Group. A complimentary copy of the Aberdeen Benchmark Report is available for download until August 29, 2008:


INETCO Systems Limited creates business transaction intelligence solutions to help companies manage the performance of customer facing applications. The Company's core technology, INETCO Insight, provides both real-time transaction information and historical trending analytics to quickly identify issues impacting business critical processes, payment revenue streams, and the online customer experience. A recognized technology leader in the TCP/IP payment transactions space, INETCO products are currently deployed within financial, retail, and telecommunications IT environments in over 50 countries. INETCO is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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