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May 13, 2011 12:23 ET

Absolutely Alberta: More than you can imagine.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 13, 2011) -

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Alberta is full of surprises. Take a look around the province this summer for these hidden gems.

Located in Calgary's trendy neighbourhood Inglewood, Crossroads Market immediately arouses your senses with the scent of exotic cheeses, spices and the vibrant colours of farm fresh vegetables. A few steps in and you're hit by waft after waft of glorious fresh baking. A million people a year come to Canada's largest indoor/outdoor market, but somehow you'll feel as if the experience was created just for you. (403.291.5208)

Minutes outside of St. Albert, you'll immediately feel a sense of wonderment as the vast Albertan sky shines through the modern glass ceiling. This amazement continues as you walk through the gallery where they've made floral arrangement art. Banish the stress of daily life at the Watergarden Spa, at a café overlooking Big Lake, or meandering through Hole's Encore. The Enjoy Centre is the best of modern life, only at a kinder, gentler pace. (1.888.88HOLES)

As you are guided through the tall tombstones of old St. Patrick Cemetery at Lethbridge's Galt Museum, listening to the stories of the people that made this hearty prairie city, you begin to realize one important fact. Every time you curl up under a blanket to watch a scary movie in the dark you think how crazy it is for the characters to head into the cemetery at dusk. And now you're doing it! (1.866.320.3898)

Just before the start of the chuck wagon races you can feel the excitement in the air. For a split second it goes quiet, everyone around you is leaned forward in anticipation. Then in a minute of startling fury the thunder of the horse-drawn wagons careening around the barrels in a mad dash is met by the thunderous roar of the crowd. And from May 24-29 at the Grande PrairieStompede, you're one of them. (780.532.4646)

If you listen carefully as you walk through the 19th century fur trading post of Historic Dunvegan on the banks of the Peace River, you can almost hear the laughter and the songs of early Canadians as they opened the country. As you meander through meticulously restored buildings, you can run your fingers along not only the posts, but history itself. Then at the end of the day, pitch camp amidst the market gardens, which are still today farmed as they were a hundred years ago. (780.835.7150)

As the morning mist rises off the milky Athabasca river, you gently paddle along spying perhaps a mother bear and her cubs feeding on the bank, watch an eagle glide above and breathe in heaps of crystal clear fresh mountain air. Catching the sun cresting a mountain peak, you think what an adventure it would be up there. In the afternoon, the guides take you to the broad summit of Morro Peak. You're not only on top of the Rockies. You're on top of the world. Thanks to the Jasper Adventure Centre. (1.800.565.7547)

Just south of Red Deer in the quiet farming town of Innisfail you'll come across the RCMP's Police DogService Training Centre. On Wednesday afternoons at 2pm between Victoria Day and Labour Day, you'll be amazed at how the courageous German Shepherds help keep Canada safe. And as you watch, right before your eyes they morph from loyal house pets to
courageous members of the police force. (403.227.3346)

After an hour at the 30th International Children's Festival in St. Albert (May 31-June 4) your arms might hurt from your children tugging at you to get an airbrush tattoo over to the left, or see the native storytellers on the right, the acrobats behind, or the balloon makers just over there. Another couple of hours later as you carry their exhausted little bodies to the car; you'll know they had one of those days they'll remember for a long time. (780.459.1542)

Imagine yourself walking through a riverside park to the sounds of the Bow and Elbow rivers gently coursing by, birds chirping above and squirrels gathering nuts. Now imagine yourself sharing that experience with a gentle, professionally trained, well-mannered Whippet. An elegant friend for the day that shares your enthusiasm for the outdoors. Hmm... you think. Who could make that happen? Calgary's Walk with Whippets can. (403.WHIPPET)

You're in the heart of the badlands at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park. The sun is beating almost as much as the drums that fill the air with acoustic rhythm. Siksika dancers stomp the ground with spiritual energy. How many people you know can say they were at the World ChickenDance Championships? You can and you're glad. (1.888.OKI.NAPI)

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