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May 27, 2011 16:26 ET

Absolutely Alberta: More than you can imagine

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - May 27, 2011) -

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After a busy day of exploring Alberta, you'll want a good night's rest. Here are some of our suggestions.

It's early morning and the warm southern Alberta sun wakes you. As you slowly start to rise, you remember vivid dreams all through the night of you at the helm of a mile-long freight train. With your eyes opening and gazing about, it hits you why. Your family has been sleeping in a refurbished caboose at the Aspen Crossing campground. And since you've worked up quite an appetite at work all night, you head off to the dining car for a buffet brunch. (1.866.440.3500)

Warm water falls over you in the gentle cascades of a lush tropical rain. You just stand there, letting each drop gently, luxuriously massage you into a state of peaceful awakening, fortifying you for another day. As you turn off the rainfall shower in your room at the Hôtel Le Germain in Calgary, you can't help but comment, "Even the showers here are spectacular!" (403.264.8990)

The water laps in calmly along the north shore of Lesser Slave Lake as you take another sip of fresh brewed coffee early in the morning. Your partner is still asleep, curled up in comfort inside the rustic cabin of the North Shore Homestead. But something has called you out this morning. It's not the ducks. It's your soul and it's telling you it's at peace. (780.805.0351)

You lie back in the warmth of your sleeping bag, gazing around the tipi you're spending the night in at Crandell Campground. You can't help but spend a moment recounting in your mind each of the mind-blowing vistas you encountered throughout the day hiking in Waterton National Park. Just then, as the night blankets the mountains, you look up through the tipi opening and are greeted by a flood of stars. There's always room for one more memory. (403.859.5133)

"What a wonderfully curious blend of old and new" you think to yourself as you settle into your room at the Banff Boutique Inn. You delight in solving the intellectual challenge of the rustic mountain lodge that has been tastefully renovated with a modern, artistic designer flare. After a brief walk about the property you decide not to question it. Somehow, you admit to yourself, it just works. (403.762.4636)

You always told yourself you'd be comfortable in the spotlight. Lying back with your partner in the jacuzzi sipping champagne, surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, you know that you were right. Impressed by the fact that you did this, she looks deep into your eyes with a movie star smile. You're in one of the Fantasyland Hotel's 10 Hollywood theme rooms, and under the lights, there's bound to be a little fantasy. (780.444.3000)

It's pitch black outside, with just a gentle light from the kerosene lamp filling the space. The kids have been lulled to sleep by the crisp mountain air and the rhythmic flow of the Kananaskis River nearby. Taking a deep breath, laden with the sweet scent of surrounding pine, you take a moment to look around the Sundance Lodges Trappers' Tent and remind yourself that here in Alberta, life is pretty darn good. (403.591.7122)

You've just stepped inside your room in the Heritage Wing of the Union Bank Inn in downtown Edmonton and while standing there, your jaw drops before your bags do. The century opulence flows over you as you take in every carefully designed and restored detail. "It's okay. We get that a lot" you hear from behind you. (780.423.3600)

"Oh, my!" you exclaim as you fall back into the luxurious bed at the Sawridge Inn in Fort McMurray. You've slept like a baby. You've slept like a log. And now you're quite confident that you've slept like a king. And you have, in a bed made by the company that's been making beds for royalty for a hundred years. There's no way you're not ordering breakfast in bed. (1.888.729.7343)

You've had a busy day, and before everyone meets for dinner you decide to curl up in the big comfy chair by the warmth of the fire and finish that novel you brought along. Closing the book, placing it on the table next to the fire, you notice that your cell phone has several missed calls, and dinner was a while ago. Breakfast at The Prairie Creek Inn is famously delicious, the pride of Rocky Mountain House. So what the heck, you'll catch up with everyone then. The fire's still warm, and you still have another book in your bag. (403.844.2672)

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