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June 24, 2011 16:12 ET

Absolutely Alberta: More Than You Can Imagine.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2011) - If it's family adventures you're looking for, Alberta is your destination. Here are some activities the entire family will enjoy.

As the Mindblaster gets up to speed, you become keenly aware of a few things. First, that you no longer know which direction is which. Second, that your eyes can deceive you. And third, that you made a good decision to go on this ride before eating of one of Calgary's Calaway Park's famous hot dogs. (403.240.3822)

Your kids' little hands tug at you to quicken your pace. While you're content to stroll through the TransAlta Rainforest habitat at the Calgary Zoo, the little ones are on a safari of their own — to come face to face with a Lowland Gorilla. The silverback is in a bit of a mood today, beating his chest — just as you arrive at the enclosure. As majestic as these animals are, it's the look on your kids' faces that you'll remember. (1.800.588.9993)

You and your kids are in the heart of Dinotown Canada. You've joined the paleontologists on a Fossil Safari in Dinosaur Provincial Park, and today you're on the hunt for the elusive Albertosaurus. The paleontologist guides your kids to the site where they uncover massive jawbones and teeth. As he explains to them in detail the hunting behaviour of the ancient lizard, you know there'll be no need to tell ghost stories tonight. (403.378.4342)

'Life is sweet' you think to yourself, as you and the kids take a fun and easy float down Discovery Canyon's shallow river fed waterpark. Under the hot midsummer sun, you glide past the tree-lined banks, smiles on all your faces as big as the central Alberta sky. An occasional splash of water reminds you that Red Deer is a pretty cool place.

You brought the family here to the Douglas Fir Resort to get a real taste for the mountains in Banff, and you'll get right to it, you promise yourself. But seeing your kids come barreling down the Bow Valley's tallest waterslides, laughing and screaming, you ponder "maybe after lunch." (1.800.661.9267)

Located just minutes from Edmonton, is Jurassic Forest. The sheer size of the gate you walk though foreshadows the magnitude of the adventure your family is embarking on today. As you walk down the pathway, dense boreal growth transforms the park to a time when massive creatures ruled the earth. As you come around a bend, you spy a pair of dinosaurs in the brush, fighting over a meal. As they roar and tear at each other, you're thankful for the occasional asteroid. (780.470.2446)

One hand on your child's wrist, the other on their shoulder, together you make a perfect cast fifty feet out into the pond at Muskoseepi Park in Grande Prairie. Stocked with trout each summer for kids, you know it won't be long now and sure enough, with a quick series of jerks, they've hooked one. From the smile on their faces, you know it's going to be a very good day. (780.538.0454)

The adrenaline starts pumping as the Bauer triple chair nears the top. You know that in seconds you'll be plummeting down the trails at Grand Prairie's Nitehawk Recreation Area at breakneck speed. You, your bike and all the adrenaline you can muster versus the berms, table tops, teeter—totters and gravity. Taking your last relaxed breath for awhile, you get ready to grab your bike and show your buddies the meaning of true awesomeness. (1.888.754.6778)

The kids are fast asleep in the trailer, exhausted from a day filled with adventure at Ol' MacDonald's Resort. As the sun starts to set over Buffalo Lake, you and your partner take a moment to just sit quietly on the beach, the water gently lapping up on the shore. Here under the clear summer sky and cooling evening breeze it suddenly occurs to both of you — you're having the best conversation you can remember in a long time. (403.742.6603)

You're hunched over the ground under the summer sun of the Badlands. Looking over, you pause for a moment to watch your kids brushing off a bone that's half unearthed with wonderment in their eyes. You came on "The Dig Experience" at Drumheller's Tyrrell Museum to fill an afternoon. You ended up filling their heads with dreams of being paleontologists. (Toll free in Alberta: call 310.0000 then 403.823.7707)

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