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AC Tool Supply, Inc.

July 14, 2011 16:07 ET

AC Tool Supply Carries Newest Retrotec Model US1000 Blower Door for the US Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Markets

MESA, AZ--(Marketwire - Jul 14, 2011) - Retrotec Energy Innovations, Ltd., the world leader in blower door systems, has introduced the lowest production cost blower door to come out of their engineering department to date, the Model US1000.

The Retrotec US1000 fan incorporates a wide range of exclusive innovations into a new, lighter fan. The new design allows for more air flow with less weight, heat, and energy loss in any accurately calibrated fan.

The US1000 fan is made to be so strong that it does not require a case to protect it. It is designed and tested to withstand a four foot fall directly onto a concrete surface, and continue operating, which is more than adequate to protect it from the day to day wear and tear of being transported from one job site to another. During final product testing, the fan proved itself capable of being dropped 5 times onto black top pavement from a height of four feet. Interestingly, after all of this abuse, no breakage occurred, and the fan continued to function perfectly. We do not recommend doing this to your blower door, but it indicates that Retrotec has set the new standard for durability requirements with regard to the blower door systems.

The US1000 fan top has dual fan connections so that two or more fans can be controlled simultaneously by one gauge or remote speed control. This is a very handy feature when a large number of fans need to be combined to act as one large fan. The Model US1000 fan can be controlled in a variety of ways. An optional remote speed control can adjust the fan speed from up to 300 feet away. Alternatively, the fan can be controlled directly from a Retrotec DM-2A digital gauge or from a laptop for fully automatic control using Retrotec's FanTestic software. Of course, the speed control mounted on the fan top itself is always available to adjust speed manually, and is automatically overridden when another control device is connected.

Along with the Model US1000, all of the Retrotec blower door systems have been approved by the US Department of Energy and the EPA's Energy Star Program for all residential, commercial and large building blower door testing standards. One reason for this is, Retrotec fans have an exclusive feature that allows them to digitally calculate the perfect speed adjustments so that a change of percent speed results in equal percent change in pressure. This means that there is now no dead band so that when one percent speed is selected the fan immediately starts up at its lowest flow pressure where it is capable of giving a reading and stays smooth and linear throughout its entire range. Smooth control is achieved in the custom-designed Retrotec control by using 1000 digital points of linearization.

Lastly, the Retrotec US 1000 fan also provides smooth power, by reducing the power lost to heat and noise. By smoothing out the power curve, Retrotec fans use 10% less power, while producing 8% more airflow. This reduces the heat produced by the fan, which when combined with an innovative heat sink, prevents issues with overheating after a long day of testing. The US1000 is a perfect complement to the already superior Retrotec blower door product line including the Retrotec Q46, Retrotec Q4E and the Retrotec Q5E. Whether it's the NAHB Green Standard, BPI, Resnet or a LEED standard, no other blower door in the world covers the broad spectrum of weatherization standards than the Retrotec systems.

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